Monday, May 2, 2011


Zwei. (pron ts-vy). Two.
Zwei in celebration of my German friends coming to visit. Arriving on my birthday- hooray, what a present. Not till July but I suspect the time till then will go rather quickly. Because life does seem to at the moment- go quickly.
What I wanted to show you though, was article number 2 from the  'Tanya and Nicole' project, the baby's hat.
(oh hello hat model, we haven't seen you here for a while...)
Vegie patch fabric- see, beetroot, red cabbage, tomatoes- all that good stuff.
And, if the intended recipient is not into the vegies, it's reversible
At this stage (below) Mr. Apple's comment was 'oh I see, bit of a Russian influence huh?'

"Ummm, no. It's just not finished (please tell me you are joking)"

So my hot tip for this pattern is that all the pattern pieces fit (individually) onto an A4 page. I worked out (through trying) that our printer (which is also a photocopier) can copy onto thin cardboard- so I have got a lovely solid cardboard hat pattern which I suspect I will use again and again. And, the original fits back into that nice neat little pattern envelope there at the back of the book.

New rule
I have extended the challenge to include a new rule. All projects made from Nikki's book have to be made from current fabric stash. No fabric shall be purchased in the completion of this project. I am allowed to buy interfacing and bag hardware as required. Interfacing, because well, if I hoard that, it's likely to go in a cupboard and I will pull it out months later and go- hmm, medium, light...heavy interfacing? Can't remember...can't tell.


  1. Gosh, at the going rate, you'll be by the end of the month! Great stash busting idea too.

  2. You know, I THOUGHT ABOUT it fitting onto A4 for copying purposes - although I hadn't thought to tell people about feeding cardboard through the printer. Glad it worked for you!!

    Love the stash-busting challenge idea!!!

  3. Great tip I think I will use that when I am allowed to look at the book (Mothers day is only a few days away).

  4. Tan, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Harvey is going to look stunning in his hat and we love both sides!!! You've done a brilliant job with it and it'll be worn with pride :o)
    Thanks again,
    Abbe and Harvey xxx

  5. Very cute! Found your blog via Nikki on FB - great stuff!

  6. Love the hat ... and can't wait till my copy of the book arrives - but that could take at least another week *sigh*

    Found your blog through Nikki's Facebook post - I'll be watching your Julie / Julia challenge and just maybe sewing along!!

  7. YAY! You're doing really well with the challenge - loving the hat :)


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