Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, I had a thought. I claimed that Mitch Albom's book was fiction in my last post. But it isn't, it's really a memoir. So, the 'chick lit' queen has come up with no fiction she is currently reading. When will Maggie Alderson put out a new book, really. Can't she write faster?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holiday mode

I feel like my year isn't going to start 'proper' until the children go back to school. We are all late dinners, late nights here (why, oh why, does that not equate to late mornings? It just equals tired small ones).
We have been having holiday fun though.
A fair bit of this...

(it's a fruit bowl)
This one is a bowl of raspberries
and of course

The Apple and Tangerine!
It is what some others are getting up to at the moment too! I am a country girl and these beads were a happy discovery for me while shopping in Melbourne last week. I am thinking it's 'good plastic' (is that an oxymoron?!) - I usually hate plastic toys but have been happily suprised at the creativity of adults and children alike- and the amount of patience some of these young'uns are exhibiting.

Now- my place and yours- has changed hosts! This year it's Vic, hooray for you, Vic. And the first theme is 'what I am reading'. Well, it makes me want to go on and on about all my fav books (and I could seperate them into genres and give you even more favs...but I wont!). So back to the question...what am I reading (not- what would you like everyone to think you are reading, what you have read, what you would like to read!)
At the moment, because I have joined a tea towel swap and am reading lots of books along this line

which is a library book. I am a very big fan of my local library. Particularly upon discovery that they order things in from all over the place- just because I want to read them. Great.
But this one I bought- partly because I just loved the title and what it promises (how to have it all? Who could resist!). Just thinking about the ten year plan (as if I have a ten year plan!)

Fiction wise, I am reading Mitch Albom's latest book 'Have a little faith'- he's the bloke who wrote 'Tuesdays with Morrie', if that means anything to you. It's an interesting read so far. Also, my bedside table is piled high with my 'next reads'. I don't watch much tv but I do love to read.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An early morning pick.

Why am I temptped to think it was '4 for me, 1 for the bucket?!'

Remember the story 'The Enourmous Turnip'? Well some of these were like the enourmous onion.

I am not as good as I wish I was in the garden. I think I need a hat that says 'I'd rather be sewing'! Having said that, I am very very thankful for the gardener of the household because there is really nothing like it.
These apples looked nice when I shined them up- although (and I know you'll be surprised given my high level of photographic genius!) you can't really tell!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm not bragging, I've had a request to show you!

Not bragging about my new cupboards. Having said that, I am pretty jolly pleased with them.

I wish I could show you my whole house and you might understand the extent of my excitement. Haven't properly 'moved in' yet. Hooray, it's cooler so it might be a this weekend job.
There will be no excuse for sewing inaction in here, don't you reckon?!
Speaking about action, I am doing Carolyn's January Challenge- and making something for me. It would be very challenging to make myself clothing, I will see how I go. I could make something lovely to decorate my sewing room.
Guess what else- my sewing machine service was done in a day, I thought it would take a week.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Space, stuff and new cupboards

I live in a house with few cupboards. And, I must confess to being a somewhat messy person. I don't want to be, I am not proud of it, and I am trying. Somehow, I find it harder than others in the household to put things back where they came from. Does 'I am a creative' cut it? You know, I get distracted by a wave of creative genius (I wish)- drop everything and start 'the new thing'. I don't think so, but it is something I have to work with!
So, not much storage space has led to clutter (yes, I hear you, I could have chucked it out!).
On Friday we got our new wall (yes, whole wall) of cupboards installed. Amazing, they look lovely (just for the mere fact of being cupboard!). But, I have a rule. If I have kept it for 'one day' and I can't see that day coming any time soon. It's out. To stay and gain a place in lovely cupboard, it needs to get used or be beautiful and make me smile. No photos tonight but I will plan to show you the 'in' and the 'out' piles. The out pile is getting big- hooray- I feel a sense of order and it's quite calming, I'd recommend it!
Phew, I didn't even get a rant up abut how much stuff we really 'need'!
Sewing machine the lovely, is getting serviced tomorrow so she will be out of action for a while. Not too long I hope, there's work to be done.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project complete

Project complete, and no, it's not an elephant softie.

In fact, it wasn't one of those million just started projects I was mentioning last post. It was a new one. 'Sweatshop' night last night and while Carolyn cut up fabrics for her new quilt and Annie sorted through photos Cheryl and I hooked into this pattern. And by hooked in, I really mean it. I have finished mine.

Yes, those girls are bad influences on me and my precious sleep! The irrational things one might do in the name of craft- I love sewing, it's so fun. I had to choose fabrics I could look at all day, because this is going to be a cover for my diary (I am such a diary girl). I am really happy with how it turned out, except I used Vilene Fusible Fabric Laminate for the second time and I remain unconvinced. It's meant to give a kind of oilcloth look/ feel but I am disappointed with the end result, I am not happy with the bond and it feels and sounds a bit plastic baggy to me. I am deciding whether or not to remove it. Melly's pattern has embroidery which I didn't do, so next time I will turn all the inside bits up the other way and make it front closing, which I like better.

It was a good, easy to follow pattern (as I have found her others that I have used)- which as you may know, can't be taken for granted!

In other matters- I am open to tips about what to do with excess radishes and zucchinis...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

She's my cherry pie

Somewhat absent over the 'silly season' I have been. Too preoccupied being silly...oh I wish!
We have been away abit which has resulted in me starting a whole new batch of unfinished projects because rather than taking something sensible like hand stitching my craft of choice included a massive stash of fabric and a pile of fabrics. So let me think, now I have, 3 more sun hats to sew up, 2 stuffed elephants (different patterns) to sew up (and obviously something is going on here because I have ordered two more patterns for elephant softies and look forward to them arriving in the mail), a pair of 3/4 light stretchy 'walking pants' (meaning, I wouldn't really wear them out anywhere but they will be comfy for exercise) and a dress to finish. Now I am unsure of the wisdom in that move! Starting the year with a pile of unfinished projects- what??
Well, the handmade Christmas projects I made got given. I carefully didn't put any photos here before giving them away just in case the recipient got a sneak peek, and wouldn't you know it, off they have gone to their new lives without being photographed at all. I will just have to finish some of those above mentioned projects so I have something to show you here.
It's a big time for our garden at the moment. Big, busy.
This is our morello cherry tree. Before we stripped it...

and the cherries
The cherry pie I made was devoured before a photo was taken, it wasn't that pretty (gluten free pastry is hard) but it tasted good and was popular!
Gee, it's nice to be back here.