Sunday, May 8, 2011

For those it's hard for

This blog post has written itself really, I wasn't planning to write today, but here I am.

I wanted to be a mum for a few years before I got to be one 
(I have PCOS, if anyone is familiar with it, it's a tricky hormone thing that can affect fertility)
Mothers Day was always hard.
Now I am a mum, and I feel thankful and grateful and I appreciate my two.
I don't take them for granted. I don't take being a mum for granted.
Today, I am enjoying being a mum.
I am also holding in my heart my friends (and those in general) who want to be mums, but aren't for various reasons.

I also don't take having a mum, alive, well, living 20km away, for granted.
During Uni, 4 of my friends mums died over a few short years.
Since then, some of my friends mums have died, some have got dementia.
Today, I have seen my mum and made a lemon tart for her.
For those of you whose mum isn't around, I am thinking of you, and holding you in my heart too.


  1. Happy Mother's Day and thank you for your lovely words :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day Tan!
    So many words in my head but I can't get them out properly.
    Too tired and emotional.
    I'm so pleased you got your two.
    Have a happy week after Mother's day too.

  3. Happy Mother's Day Tanya. I lost my Mum unexpectedly suddenly when she was 64 - 10 years ago now. Don't have kids myself - so Mothers' Day is all about my mother-in-law and sisters who have kids.

  4. Thanks Tan - Not many people realise how hard it is for those of us who have grief associated with this day. It's hard, smiling through all the "Happy Mother's Days" when there's a great gaping hole where a mother or child should be.

    I'm so glad you got to share a lemon tart with your Mum and spend time with your kids.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Tan. Nice to be reminded what a gift it is to me a mother.

  6. Lovely post Tan. Hope that you had a gorgeous day.

  7. Aw Tan you've made me cry. I really struggle with mother's day as the timing is not so good for our family. Glad to see that it is not taken for granted too. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day.

  8. Just Lovely Tan. So thoughtful.
    For many years I hated Mother's dDay as all the hype leading up just served to remind me of what I didn't have - and didn't know if I would ever have.
    I too am very grateful for a well and happy mum of my own and the small folk who liven up my days!

  9. missed this post Tan, sorry.
    sending you hugs & glad you have your arms full with your two wonderful creations ♥


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