Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As we speak

Welcome to my house.
Oh- wait, did I say welcome? I must have been mistaken...

As I sit here there is a lot of noise around me.
Chainsaws, trucks and other nasty loud things.
'They' are chopping my trees down.
Someone 'just doing his job' is chopping our trees down. 
And creating a lot of noise pollution in my usually quiet neck of the woods.

I don't like it.

A neighbour had 8 over 50 year old eucalypts cut down by the same people last week...no permit required. 
next post...the therapeutic benefits of having a blog?!


  1. Bloody Hell CRAP CRAP CRAP?!?!
    Can they really do that? And what govt organisation really moves that quickly?
    Have been thinking about you a lot. Am hoping that something can be done as this sucks!

  2. That sucks Tanya. Hope they get it over with quickly - it's bad enough that they're spoiling your land without all that noise as a constat reminder.

    Got my You Sew Girl book in the post last week ... hoping to finish the wristlet pattern when I get back from work this afternoon!

  3. Tan that's terrible - amazing how when the Govt want to demolish something no permits are required and they can demolish stuff that they would never allow a resident to.
    Try to shut it out - and vent here!!

  4. Damn that sucks! SOme bright spark indeed....

  5. Bloody hell! There was no hanging around was there? Perhaps you could send a lovely basket of poisonned biscuits to the head of the department involved. I am sure you can blog from prison.

  6. That really is terrible. Such an invasion.....:(

  7. i am sorry for your loss, your neighbours loss and the earths loss. hugs Clo

  8. can you save a bunch of the sawdust and use it for craft projects?

  9. Hugs Tan. The 'system' is pretty damn sucky sometimes!


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