Friday, December 4, 2009

At last... a hat

I have been thinking, planning, plotting, dreaming of making a hat for a while now. You know, I have been 'gunna' do it. Like I am 'gunna' do a lot of things (no risk of me having nothing left on the 'to do' list!).

And now I have, and I know there will be more to follow, because it was quick and fun. Like the lipstick job on my hat model. I spose I should be thankful it's on the plastic 'do my hair' girl, rather than on the curtains, walls or anywhere else!

It is Make it Perfect's 'Lazy Day Hat' pattern which I used an American Jane print to create.

 Along with the pattern I bought a few other things including- my first Saffron Craig design, and my first Cloud 9 organic fabric (which feels soooo nice) - suggestions welcome, I often don't buy fabric with a project in mind. The pitfall here is that I buy it because I really love it and then get abit scabby about hacking into it. It just looks so nice there all in one piece.  I received a 20% of code via email, and I am a sucker for a bargain and that one click shopping is far too easy! Thanks Sam!

We have friends coming over this weekend and my crafty space doubles as our spare room- wonder if I can get another hat in before I make those beds up (really, which is more exciting).
By the way, to those concerned about the chickens in the toilet (see earlier post) they are now outside, on real grass chirping happily, where new chickies should be. It's just a bit weird they don't have a mum. Usually the chicks we get have hatched from one of our broody chooks and they so far have been great mums, teaching all sorts of survival tips. I do feel abit sorry for the incubator chicks having to go it alone, they are alot noisier (but also friendlier because we don't have to fend off a protective (scary) mummy chook for a cuddle.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Tanya, The hat looks great, I have been thinking of making one myself! Was the pattern easy to use? Thanks for the mention!! Sam, Modern Retro Textiles

  2. Love these fabrics, particularly Saffrin Craig, aren't those colours striking? I nearly always buy fabric with a project in mind, I guess it's my way of keeping my spending in check! (It only helps a little bit!)

  3. Handmaden- are you still there? I am having trouble emailing you...

  4. I totally have that hat pattern too, but do you think I've even cut it out yet...?! (the answer is noooooooooooooo....)

    Super cute!


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