Sunday, May 23, 2010

Supporting Dago Dala Hera Orphanage

Happy to support a crafting activist with a good cause- Gypsy made an announcment at Sew it Together telling people about the pinnafore project for Dago Dala Hera Orphanage. She added later that they were also keen on elastic waisted shorts for boys and I knew I could manage that!

These are my shorts effort- after one too many smart comments from the peanut gallery (blogless Cheryl and Carolyn) about the consequences of the short shorts (bottom pic), I unpicked the hem and made them as long as possible- and this is the result. They are supposed to be size 3- modelled by Miss Apple who is 7. The glory of the elastic waist!

Inspired by the shorts, I was up for the pinny challenge:

I was planning to have the shoulder seams stitched (no ties) and the slit in the front was to avoid fasteners and to get space for pulling it over the head. Now that there are ties- the reversible thing was doing my head in at midnight last night so ties it was- I think that slit needs a tie or something to join it together- to up the modesty factor! Now that the ties are there, I am thinking it's actually not a bad idea because it adds to the versatility of the potential size range for dress recipients- a longer dress for a 4 year old up to a shorter 10 year old I reckon. I have a rather tall nearly 8 year old here. This tutorial helped me think through the reversible factor- which still seems to defy logic!

I really rather like the tunic top look and I think I will be making more of these.
Thanks for the call Gypsy, nice to craft for a cause.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vegie love

I love it when all the vegies we have for tea are from the garden.
Tonight we are having a roast, we swapped meat for fruit trees so that is sorta kinda 'from our place' in a way. With it we are having- spuds, parsnip, pumpkin, zucchini (yep, that's stil hanging around), the first of the peas, carrots, onions, garlic. All grown here. Love that.
I must admit- my 'helper' didn't hang around long after this photo was taken, and we weren't far into the pea shelling business...

No craft to show, that's happening tonight. Carolyn and Cheryl are coming over to create up a storm. Which means I can't hang round and chat because it would be very nice to offer them a clean work space!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


See that button on my sidebar well, it's not true anymore because I have been.
Although this post includes some reflections of my experience at Sew it Together, hopefully you (if you didn't go) will still get something out of it as it's a reflection of communication and connection in general.

I have had a very full few weeks and didn't really get a chance to think to much about what I expected spending the day with a whole lot of people I have never met in 'real life' to be like, or anticipate it, or get too nervous about meeting the (to date) faceless names I enjoy sharing blogland with so much. 
Other people have more extensive reports and are obviously 'good bloggers' because they took photos, For more info my current answer to lots of things you might want to know about- 'just google it'.
I expected to be overwhelmed all day and do not much craft and have scatty conversations.
I was amazed, inspired, happy to share some really interesting conversations and lots of laughter with several people about all sorts of issues- not just craft (self doubt and confidence, copyright and intellectual property, the role and value (or not) of schooling and the role and value of spending time with your children!, reducing waste in crafting and in general, the sexualisation of children...lots - and it wasn't intense, although that list might sound kind of intense!).  It was a really wonderful experience of engaging with others, with interest, without agenda.
Thank you to those I had conversations with, it was great and you have 'filled my soul tank'. It really is good to hang around with energizing people- I was pretty surprised that my energy levels weren't totally depleted at the end of the day. I felt content.

You must remember I live 'in the middle of nowhere' and am somewhat isolated- I knew no one walking in- it wasn't a case of 'catching up with old friends meeting new ones' for me. I appreciated those of you who knew lots of people (or at least some) being an inclusive, welcoming and generous bunch.

While I was busy talking I somehow forgot to do a few things- attempt to learn to crochet, learn to do hand pieced hexagons- apparently this girl did some teaching- totally missed that.
I didn't get to talk to lots of people that I had hoped to (or who I didn't realise  were there- how did that happen?). Oops. So you see, I will have to go next time.
Absolutely thanks to the Head Girl and all her support crew, very generous sponsors (they were amazing- thanks again Amitie for my lovely new bundle of Anna Maria Voile, yummo), Liesl for my sparkly nametag, Bianca for coming up with the very beautiful goods that I won in her giveaway and extras, Karen, LIzzie and Anna for sharing their bright fabric scraps with me for my applique  (which I am still accepting by the way if anyone was wondering...oh well, it's only a question!)- 'youse are legends'.

Oh and if you are going to get locked in a city car park (oh don't ask!) Suzanne is a great one to do that with- absolute chief negotiator with security guard- Thank you also to Carolyn and Channy for being quite cool, calm and collected!

And while I was away- they had lots of fun too

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big day out

This isn't intended to be a Mother's day post, but before I start I would like to give a special thought  to any of you who are not mothers; who would like to be, or hope to be mothers. it can be a very hard day. I remember.

It's coming to the end of Mother's Day and writing on my blog is quite a 'self nuturing' activity for me. So, if Mother's Day is all about mothers I am very happy to end it thinking and writing in 'my space'. I need to remember that to be in the best possible place to parent I need to be in a good place within myself- so I can enjoy my children not resent those (sometimes constant) needs for attention, conversation, interaction, etc. - the need for a relationship with their mother!
The ol' 'I have to care for myself so I am able to care for others' thing. Not always what comes naturally, I find.

Onto the Big Day Out - Look who I got to spend the day with yesterday- Kellie of 'Don't Look Now!' fame.
I did a one day workshop which of course wasn't long enough, but gee, it was good. Kellie was a slave driver  (!) an enthusiastic teacher who was very generous with her knowledge and very genuine and natural in her approach. Whilst also being awe inspiring with her amazing work (we got to see them in the flesh and photos just don't do these works justice) and professional (she didn't laugh at my attempts and was very encouraging!). Kellie, thanks for a really great day, it was well worth it for me.

The idea is that you stitch very very close to the applique shape edges..hmmm, as my childs teacher says 'practice makes progress'
These are some of Kellie's beautiful pieces- can you see that machine quilting? oooh ahhhh.

More lovliness.

I reckon I know what I will be doing next Saturday at 'Sew it Together' , drawing applique shapes onto 'Lite steam a seam 2'! I also might take some Ottobre mags to trace some patterns out of. My to do list is growing, this is it without thinking too much about it:
Belt for Mason and Lauren (shut your eyes mothers of those two, in case you read this!)
Leggings for Annie
PJ's for Annie and Jack
Tunic top for Annie
Dresses for Amy and Mhairi
Way overdue pot holder for Helen. Sorry Helen, I haven't forgotten.

These things are on the fun list, as opposed to the needed to Winter clothes or presents list;
Finish wavy quilt
Finish slippers
Start a new Kellie 'project'
Start a hand pieced hexagon quilt (well, my kids have started playing sport, so I anticipate that sitting and watching (stitching) time.

Actually, it's true, a trouble shared is a trouble halved- this was troubling me a bit- how to move forward with a massive to do list, now that it's out there, doesn't look too massive. BREATHE...