Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sandi Henderson and sheets

Not together (Sandi and sheets) but I got two very fun parcels in the mail yesterday.
This is my favourite design at the moment and I seem to be collecting it in different colour ways- I also have it in pink.

This is called Henna Garden from the Meadow Sweet Collection.
The one click and you're away shopping combined with strong Aussie dollar and free shipping caused me to come a bit unstuck! Yes, I also bought this, from the same range.

These are destined for Christmas presents so I had better get a wriggle on. The only sewing I have been doing in the last couple of days has been 'refashioning' my neighbours workshirts- he asked me to make his two long sleeve shirts into short sleeve shirts. This is not fun sewing for me (boring I reckon!).

Back to the parcels- to balance out all that new fabric, it was appropriate to receive my parcel from Selina's vintage sheet swap on the same day!! (Good theory? For every piece of new fabric acquired one should match it with some vintage fabric...I can see it's not 'water tight'!)

What a fun parcel, combined with my vintage sheets (that I also sent fat quarters off in all directions via Selina) I am going to make a beach rug. Like the one out of 'Handmade Home' if you have seen that book. Not that we go to the beach that often, mine will be a picnic rug I think.
Saturday is my favourite day of the week, hope you enjoyed yours.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My place and yours- Home

'My place and yours' theme queen this week is Myrtle & Eunice and it's 'Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home. Hmm, an object that helps make our house a home.
I wasn't really planning to play this week but I have had that lovely word 'home' rolling around in my head and it hasn't got away, so here I am.
I think home is about the senses and the spirit and the emotions it evoke and memories it holds. Again, the things I love, the things you can't touch!
The people and the history make the home. I had the same bedroom for 18 years and my parents still live in the same house on the same farm. That is my home. I feel very at home there. That has got something to do with connection and place and soil- that is my place. I know I will feel very sad when they leave one day.
I have lived in lots of houses (obviously post 18!!) so of them were homes some were places to live, I was a bit sad a few weeks ago when I drove past 213 Mitchell Street Northcote and found my old home (first home post marriage) demolished and replaced with brand new units. But where am I now and what makes it home...

The woodstove in the kitchen and the kettle on it contribute to 'home', especially in the winter. It heats our space and our hot water and cooks a great slow cooked casserole. I love it.
Quilts thrown randomly over chairs and quilts on beds...

Softies- my mum's tradition of making those bears (at the back) goes back at least 37 years because I got one when I was born.

This table was apparently my grandfather's sisters. Now lives in my kitchen. Apricot jam in process on the table.

And a link to my younger days. I was in Berlin 20 years ago when the wall came down. Amazing. I saved up to get this print framed, don't know why I went with the red! The artist was a street artist sitting by the wall and has signed this copy.

See who else is playing at Pip's

Monday, December 7, 2009

Visitors, another hat and some food processing

There you go (see title of post), that's what I did on the weekend. Yes, I know some of you are getting abit more familiar with me now and realise that I could not be that succinct. I am a details girl (for example: and then what did he say, and what did you say etc!). I do try not to be too long winded because I don't want you to leave without finishing. I will give you lots of pictures today, in case you are tired like me and a bit beyond words.
Our friends stayed for 2 nights. It surprises me how quickly you forget the intensity of having little ones around, our two children are 7 and 9 and pretty independent and self sufficient. I was able to watch our friends care for their 3 young'uns (all under school age) with some distance (in time) from the experience. I wished a few things- that I had had more energy and mental capacity to enjoy my children when they were that little, they (young children) are a delight as they learn words, become so interested in the world and develop relationships. I also wished that I had more energy on the weekend to hang out with the kids more and give our friends a better break (although I don't think I would have cut the mustard with the littlies!). Instead, friend (Del) and I went and had a coffee and then stayed up late sewing a hat (bad influence?). Ms. Del and I were both happy to have completed a project.

This is my version.
While Del and I were sewing, the menfolk were extracting honey, they reckon they got about 21 kilos which is the most we have had for a while so they were both pretty chuffed. We share the work and the honey between our families, which is a great thing to do, I reckon.

Some of the bottled honey - didn't think to take photos of the process, next time.

And I also (hopefully) made our years supply of apricot jam. Four batches, 10 kilos of biodynamic apricots, alot of sugar...

one of the batches (preserving pan courtesy of chain super store op shop  $4.99)
to this

waiting to be labelled.
I am hoping to do another couple of batches because I reckon home made jam is a good gift. Well, except to my brother and Aunty who used to be regular receivers of my apricot jam until one day my mum told me they don't eat it, she eats it when she stays at their places! I don't 'waste' it on them now!!
And, remember all that garlic a few posts back- well, my lounge room floor is covered with this

Oh, I was just having a play with photo effects. 
Clever photographer managed to photograph her toes...

Friday, December 4, 2009

At last... a hat

I have been thinking, planning, plotting, dreaming of making a hat for a while now. You know, I have been 'gunna' do it. Like I am 'gunna' do a lot of things (no risk of me having nothing left on the 'to do' list!).

And now I have, and I know there will be more to follow, because it was quick and fun. Like the lipstick job on my hat model. I spose I should be thankful it's on the plastic 'do my hair' girl, rather than on the curtains, walls or anywhere else!

It is Make it Perfect's 'Lazy Day Hat' pattern which I used an American Jane print to create.

 Along with the pattern I bought a few other things including- my first Saffron Craig design, and my first Cloud 9 organic fabric (which feels soooo nice) - suggestions welcome, I often don't buy fabric with a project in mind. The pitfall here is that I buy it because I really love it and then get abit scabby about hacking into it. It just looks so nice there all in one piece.  I received a 20% of code via email, and I am a sucker for a bargain and that one click shopping is far too easy! Thanks Sam!

We have friends coming over this weekend and my crafty space doubles as our spare room- wonder if I can get another hat in before I make those beds up (really, which is more exciting).
By the way, to those concerned about the chickens in the toilet (see earlier post) they are now outside, on real grass chirping happily, where new chickies should be. It's just a bit weird they don't have a mum. Usually the chicks we get have hatched from one of our broody chooks and they so far have been great mums, teaching all sorts of survival tips. I do feel abit sorry for the incubator chicks having to go it alone, they are alot noisier (but also friendlier because we don't have to fend off a protective (scary) mummy chook for a cuddle.
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's nice, it's different, it's unusual

This week's theme queen is Toni from Little Suitcase and she picked a challenging theme- after all, things at my place are just so 'normal' (yeah, right!).
So what is nice, different and unusual my home?

When I was going to the toilet, I realised- hey,  it may be fairly usual to share your toilet room with 10 very cute baby chickies! We have the weirdest very large toilet room- what a waste of space. Ideal to house cute chickies in for a bit to keep them safe! They were incubator chicks so have no mummy chick to keep them warm. They came from Paul and Di's house in Melbourne so we had a fun 3 hour trip home with them in the car yesterday (no casualties!)


Being in Melburne on the weekend (more of that another time) reminded me that 3 hours in a car can be like 24 hours on a plane in terms of cultural differences, foods available, shops, Markets (yey, I went) etc. Yes, it had been far too long! I love Melbourne and miss lots of things about living there but then come home to silence (which I couldn't take a picture of) which, for me ,after being in the city is nice, different and unusal! Seriously, if I stop typing, I can hear nothing except the odd dog snore. Please note: I am not saying Pippi is odd, just that she snores on the odd occassion

In this context (city/ country), depending on where you live,  our back shed might look different to yours.

Mr. Apple and Tangerine doesn't tend to do things on a small scale and this year he planted 'abit of garlic'...this is not even a quarter of it I reckon. What was that you asked? Oh, yes, it is for sale! Great Christmas pressie, nice garlic braid. Grown 'according to bio-dynamic principals'- great soil, no chemicals. Our place isn't certified because the fruit trees are the main thing and we haven't needed certification for these. Subtle aren't I- she says with a massively indiscreet wink?! Email me if you are interested. I have to check with Mr. for prices. Fresh Aussie garlic- no talways  that easy to find.

If you head over to Pip's you will find out who else is playing.

Hey, Ms. Black Cardigan- note the nice neat links? Thanks for your kind bloggy help xxx