Monday, December 27, 2010

Feels like a dream!

3 weeks ago I was in New York, it was snowing lightly and I was all rugged up as I sat on the Staten Island ferry for the best (free) view of the Statue of Liberty I was going to get. She was smaller than I had imagined (well, compared to the skyscrapers of Manhattan you'd look small too!).
I stood there feeling happy, excited and like I should pinch myself- it's a strange moment, staring at an image that you have been exposed to at different times, in different ways over many years. I had several of those moments during my trip.

Anyone else tempted to murmur 'Run Forest'...
Fast forward to now and here I sit and type, at my home- a small farm, in north eastern Victoria, experiencing Summer, having just celebrated an Aussie Christmas and that three weeks seems like a lifetime ago- either that or a dream- but it can't be because I have photos and memories.

Chicago from the 95th floor of the John Hancock building. LOVE Chicago.
I feel like I have a lot of 'processing' to do, as I think about my trip, but some things I know already.
  • My family are fantastic and I missed seeing them every day.
  • My family are fantastic and resilient and I don't need to be in control (I will need to remember that!)
  • Mr. Apple really is King of the Kitchen and produced some very fancy desserts- so I will try not to hog the kitchen.
  • I am proud of myself and have been reminded that I CAN do 'things'! (My self belief had been somewhat battered and bruised after long term chronic illness-the symptoms of which were mostly pain, fatigue and depression and abit of anxiety)
  • I had days where I loved having no responsibilities, just me to look after and the thrill of travelling and exploring- I felt young and adventurous.
  • I love the sort of travelling that involves people not just places. It was great to see Kate's life in Deerfield, Nat's in Centreville and to meet Tim and Talida and stay with them in Long Island City.
  • It is nice to be home, where I belong (and to sleep in my own bed)
  • I had forgotten how unsettling travelling is and it's weird to have have had big experiences that weren't shared with anyone from home- that contributes to the dreamlike state!
I didn't have a 'blog break' on purpose, I have just been recovering!
I have missed my blog- and yours as well and I do look forward to some kind of blogging rythm this coming year. I love the idea of routine and rythm, it certainly doesn't come naturally to me.