Monday, September 28, 2009

Oranges and Lemons for Apple &Tangerine!

This is more op shop goodness. Aren't I lucky? I got 3 pieces of this fabric, one with red border (that's this picture) and one with green and one yellow. Hmm, what to make? A tiny smock would be nice but I have no tiny people around any more, or maybe an apron. I will keep thinking.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holiday op shop goodness

School holidays here in Victoria, so off we went to the beach (despite rainy forecast). I think it's fun to have a look around 'other people's op shops' - and oh, weren't we in luck! I got 2 lime green chenille bedspreads in really good nick for $3 each (very similar to the one I bought recently from our local op shop "superstore" for $29...hmmm). I will use a fair bit of them for quilt backings, but also want to make a 'picnic rug' with sheets and bedspread. So many things on the project list.
Also got some vintage cotton sheets for $1.50 each. I will use the worn pieces in a rag rug and the rest for clothes and bag linings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Simplicity dress

Simplicity dress
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After going through my daughters Summer clothes today I realised how much she has grown this past year! Results- bags packed to send to the local oppy and reasonably empty drawers- yey, I get to sew things that are really needed (as opposed to creating a whole lot of things that I just like the idea of but really (if I am honest) add to a cluttered enough wardrobe.

This is what I was dressed in at her age! I think it could have something, although I am not too sure about the knee high 'mustard' socks. And, lucky for me, there are more treasures in my mum's pattern stash (which would be even better for me if I was a size 10...)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday sewing

I have made my lovely seven year old groovy skirts out of funky fabrics, but hey, what would she prefer...yep, 'leggings'. The concession is that I plan to recycle her skirts into quilts or something else when she has outgrown them.

These leggings, which I made this morning have got a bit of a groovy elasticised pink gingham ribbon accross each leg hem, which I bought from a scrapbooking shop. The fabric is cotton lycra which I bought from an op shop- it was a great score! The pattern I traced off some leggings which she currently wears alot.

Oh, and about the herb garden- I decided that I would add a photo and in a few months have the 'before and after' comparison (hopefully dramatic!). This is 'before', Sunday September 20th. Lavender hedge is most visable- but just you wait!

I like Sundays.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The herb garden

I love to use herbs in cooking and for teas, I don't like buying fresh bunches- who knows how long it's been since they were picked and made their way up to my lovely part of Victoria (not to mention the price).
I have had herb gardens in the past, and I really like the idea. It's been something that I have been 'gunna' do for a while now. While I was nearly asleep lying on the ground in the sunshine today my friend said 'what are you doing with those pots of herbs'...' "gunna" plant them' (they've been there for a while, a cutting here and there from other peoples gardens and some picked up from farmers markets in winter. "Well, where's your shovel"...
Not much later and I have the initial stages of a lovely herb garden. The bed was already prepared and I had already planted the lavender hedge, just needed to get going with the next planting. Done- thanks Carolyn!
I will show you a photo when it's grown abit!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here goes!

I am standing nervously on the top of the cliff looking down before I jump into the adrenalin packed journey that is 'the blog'.
I have enjoyed reading and being inspired by the blogs of others and tempted for quite a long time, now it's my turn to join in with the sharing.

I will start with a photo of last nights project, it's designed by Jennie McClelland and is featured in Pip Lincolne's 'Meet me at Mike's book'- which I am currently loving and it's succeeding in keeping my very crafty. I used Kaufman's 'metro market' fabric range.
This bloggy business will be a good incentive to improve photography skills...