Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paralysed by indecision

I haven't done as much crafting as I would like lately. I have done alot of thinking about what I might do, how I should spent my crafty time (procrastinating, if you like to label).
The annoying thing about my unfinished projects is that lots of them probably only have under one hours work left. I have been thinking about whether I should-
  • Finish Annie's dress- need to do the elasticised side ties
  • Finish my wave bottomed quilt top (picture of wave bottom another day!)- needs stitching around the embroidery, 
  • Back and quilt my Christmassy quilt
  • Do some stamping on fabric (can you get  ink pads for fabric stamping? If yes- where)
  • Finish the shorts for me- the knees are uneven
  • Make a skirt for my sister in law for Christmas
  • Finish the 'nautical' cot quilt which really only needs binding.
So I thunk and thunk and thunk and then....

made some cards.
Read: started a new project! 

I just realised that the top left card is Cheryl's card and I must have nicked it (by mistake) which means that I didn't win in the productivity stakes- she made 9 and I made 8, not vice versa (or wice werser as my German friends say) as I had been suggesting (ok- in a bragging way) to Cheryl!! 

The good thing about cards is that you start and finish in one sitting and get that 'project complete' happiness that I haven't had for a while.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My collection

My hand is up as a first time participant in this business.  Kate (at was 'theme queen' this weekend and she came up with 'Collections' and she's nice and I have a few collections so I thought I would play.
I have spent time looking through peoples front doors, craft spaces etc, I thought today was the day for me to get abit un-shy and jolly well participate!
Okay, I am getting on with it!

A collection- well. you can collect and then you can accumulate. Collect, to me implies action. I accumulate fabric, especially lovely natural fabric, including beautifully designed 'patchwork fabric'. I COLLECT apple fabric. I love apple fabric and over the past few years my choice has exploded with amazing options.
These are some of my favourites

Sigh. I do and will use them, but, boy, I also just like looking at them and touching them!

Apples in a quilt

Okay, my second collection has rules.
Teacups, saucers and sideplates -who would have thought, I am not really a girly girl, but these do take my fancy. Think about the stories told over a cuppa- imagine if teacups could talk. I love it that they are old and have 'been around', they have been split up from their family and ended up at my house. With no sitting room- indeed!
The rules are that I don't have more than twelve full sets at any one time. Because I would have no more than 12 'ladies' over for a tea party at once and we have a small house with no display cabinet kind of things.

They can't be so expensive as to make me cry if one gets broken, and I have to really love it. I was abit hasty at the start and purchased a couple that I now realise I don't really really love, so they will be booted out when they become number 13. Sounds harsh but they will then go on to get more gossip at someone else house (or, on the flip side become a mosaic!).

I love it how some of them have pictures for you to enjoy as you drink your tea

Or, more specifically, for the right handers of the world to enjoy, of which I am not one.
And I love this one with a scene on it

It adds something to the humble cake and cuppa, don't you think.

I haven't even mentioned my 'ex' collections- anything Felix the Cat, hats of all descriptions.

My mum has 'accumulations' rather than collections and sometimes I am very thankful for her hoarding ability. Her vintage pattern stash deserves a post of its own. So, in time, I will give it due attention.

Thanks for looking at my collection, you can find more collection at Pip's place I am heading over to see if anyone collects smurf figurines, because surely someone should!

Friday, November 20, 2009

At the risk of being a 'blamer'...

okay, it's hot and peoples' brains are getting a little bit dehydrated, but really- is anyone at my house going to 'fess up to this

found this morning, as opposed to what it may have looked like last night

No, team, it is not the best idea to leave the butter out overnight.

Friday, November 13, 2009




and well, we'll be waiting for a while!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fabric- in and used in one day!

Amazing- fabric that didn't even make it into my stash. It arrived in the post, when I had ordered it I knew specifically what it was for, so got straight onto it. Canvases, my new favourite instant decorating thingo.

The range is Full Bloom by Bari. J Ackerman
It's strange because I really like the pink (don't think my photo does it justice) and I am not sure about the yellow, but I love teapots and cups and thought (and still think) these three canvases will really cheer up my crafty space.
I will hang them next to each other, but not this close together, that was just for the benefit of the photo opportunity!

Other hot day craft (had to move my sewing machine into the kitchen yesterday!)

Thanks to this tutorial
Baby Alive (circa 1977) has a new dress and she looks pretty excited about it too!! Thanks Deb

Monday, November 9, 2009

The three little pigs

Well, I think they are cute, anyway! I got up early to take photos to show you, now I smell like pigs and my Monday morning routine is ummm, slightly delayed AND I smell like pigs. Okay, shower and get ready for work whilst encouraging the youngsters to organise their own school lunch!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday sow-ing, no, it's not a typo!

Sorry but it's too dark now to run out and take a photo and I was too busy 'enjoying the moment' to take one earlier today. You see, today the 'Three little pigs' came to live out our house. It's a bit of a tease to tell you how very cute they are without showing you a photo, but maybe that will make you come back another time!
No Sunday sewing today (got abit distracted), I had plans to cut out some shorts for me- after putting my hand in the pocket of the ones I had on and putting my hand straight through- it was rather threadbare.
Cheryl and some of her family came for dinner though and 3 out of 4 vegies were home-grown, which is always nice- we had sautéed pumpkin slices, cauliflower with grated cheese and blanched snow peas and I used sage, chives and parsley in the chicken scaloppine dish that I made. How could I nearly forget- the other garden brag is that today we picked our first cherries. The taste of summer!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Homemade Lemonade!

This past Tuesday, being Melbourne Cup day,  we got a public holiday- despite living 3 hours away from Melbourne. This is what Mr and Master Apple and Tangerine got up to. They looked through recipe books, made two different recipes (we were keen on the 'blind taste test' idea). Decided that one was too sweet, one not sweet enough so mixed them together and bottled them. Master 9 wrote the labels and has been very proud of his drink, and happy that he had more cordial in the last few days than ever before!! Anyone got a great lemon cordial/ lemonade recipe to share (and any one know what the difference between those two is?)
It's Friday- happy weekend to you all.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I am not so good at the heat, I get a bit cranky! I was happy to get a swim in the Murray River yesterday- oh the feeling, after the first coldy getting in bit- of cooling the blood down. Just what I needed.
Saturday night though, we crafted at Carolyn's house which was fantastic because she has a lovely airconditioner and after many months I finally finished this.


It's for our friend Pepe, and I will give it to him on Wednesday. He's an older gent who lives by himself and I think (really hope) he will like it. I usually go in for lap size quilt but this is closer to a single bed size.
I think this means I can start the next project- to keep the balance of unfinished projects up!!