Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tanya and Nicole/ Julie and Julia

Tanya and Nicole doesn't have quite the same ring to it as 'Julie and Julia' I understand that.
Are you familiar with Julie and Julia? Julie Powell, New Yorker who fancied herself as a cook who was up for a challenge, took Julia Childs cookbook and decided to cook herself through it in a year- 365 days. 536 recipes. And she blogged about it.
Okay, so look what arrived in my mailbox today (I flogged the photo from Nikki's blog)

I am too excited (other people are as well- and many more I am sure!)
I did some pattern testing for Nikki and wondered how the book would turn out. It feels like its been a long time coming (and it's not even my book!) but wow, it's a really great book. I haven't had a chance to sit for a big read yet, I just keep flipping pages at the moment. I will though, soon.
 It's great for lots of reasons- Nikki is a thorough professional. She dots her 'I's' and crosses her 'T's', that girl (admirable!). It's practical and it has lots of clear photos- her explanations are understandable and she has the theoretical background to hang her practical hat on, which I value and can learn alot from.

When I stop flipping and start reading, do you know what I am go to do?
I am going to sew my way through the entire book. I am not giving myself a timeframe- no need to add pressure- the idea is that the process is fun and formative- can't rush that.
I will 'keep you in the loop' as I go along.

Edited to add: Top right of my blog- see up there? I have just made a button for anyone who wants to do this challenge with me, collectively. That would be fun. A few people left comments saying they were keen on the idea. Obviously you will need the book, you can get it from many bookshops (and your local will order it in for you with pleasure, I am certain) or, from Nikki's website. It's $40, which is about the same price as you'd pay for 2 or 3 boutique patterns but the book has heaps as well as invaluable tips and tricks. It's solid. I am not doing the patterns in any particular order so this challenge suits me well- there is plenty of room for spontaneity- knit or cotton fabric, bag or purse, clothing or belt, adult or child, pattern or 'pattern free'. 

I have added to this challenge a special stash busting clause which you may or may not choose to participate in. That's right- no new fabric for the entire book (interfacing and bag hardware purchases allowed). Ah, the thrill of it!

I don't know if I need to add this, but will in case anyone wonders- Nikki didn't ask me to do this, she's not 'sponsoring me' or anything, she didn't know I was doing it until she saw it up there on my blog. I did do pattern testing for her and I do love her patterns and inclusiveness for all sewing levels and confidence. I have bought my fair share of craft books and have sometimes been abit disappointed but this one I flicked through and was  happy.  

Any questions? Feel free to email me, and if you do use the button or join in, I would love you to let me know and  to see your progress.


  1. I shall be watching with interest!!! You SEW, girl!!

  2. That is such a cool idea Tanya! I agree with Nikki - You Sew Girl!

  3. Snap! That is exactly what I am planning to do too. There is nothing in there I do not want to make. I'm still deciding if I will do it in order or randomly though.

  4. I was actually thinking about doing the same thing...

  5. I love the Julia idea!
    What fun.
    I'll be watching with interest too.

  6. Oh, yay! You even have it beofre me, and I can drive there in a short time. I agree abut her patterns- Curlypops saw me make another persons hat pattern the other day, she can attest to the swearing!

  7. Love that idea!
    Mmmm maybe I should follow you too .....

  8. Wow. What fun! I can't wait for my copy of this book to arrive. I have heard soooo many great things about it!

  9. That sounds fun! Julie and Julia for people who sew!

  10. Fabulous! Get going chook - I'm eager to cheer!

  11. Oooo, I got my copy yesterday and was thinking of doing the same thing, especially with the stash busting!! and at my own pace. Have fun.

  12. Great idea! And the stashbusting thing is too. I'm not able to join in right now, but can't wait to get my hands on the book!

  13. Great idea - I'll also be looking out for the movie!

  14. Sounds like a great idea, hope all is going well


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