Thursday, May 26, 2011


I haven't participated in a swap for ages. Then Vic announced she was keen on a cushion cover swap and I decided I was quite keen on that idea too.
So mine has been sent off to it's new owner, and my fingers are crossed that she likes it. It's always a bit of a gamble! Surely she has it by now- I did send it off on Monday at 4.30pm but was informed I had already missed the post (I think it's a country thing!). 
I wanted it to be a surprise and thought she might guess it's for her (I am hoping there are a couple of favourite things in this cushion), but I think it will be in her mailbox before she reads this, if she ever does!
and the back...

I was umming and ahhing about whether to add a zipper closer or pillowcase closure. I ended up going with pillow case because, if she really doesn't like it, it's reversible (with more rounded corners)...this is the back, the front is the purple all over. 
It's quite a heavy cushion cover because I added batting and lightly 'stipple' quilted it, but that's hard to see in the photos. 
I wish I had better photography skills...or maybe I should blame my equipment?!
Cross your fingers with me that my cushionee likes it, wont you. It's kind of nerve wracking. 

Oh, OOPS,  I nearly forgot to say, the patchwork block is out of Elizabeth Hartman's book The Practical Guide to Patchwork, it's a pretty nice book! This is the first thing I have done out of it- and only one block, not the whole quilt...hmm, I'll just add it to the want to do list.

Speaking of which, the Tanya and Nicole project is boiling along and I have a wristlet to show you...but, well, it's kind of a long story, and well, I have misplaced it. There, I have said it.
I took it to Melbourne to show a friend (and forgot to show her!) and haven't seen it since. I have the strap. So, if I don't find it before to much longer I will be grumpily showing you my wristlet strap!
Does anyone else lose things? Drives me crazy!


  1. Great cushion, your fabrics look great! I'm sure she'll love it, it's always nerve racking sending handmade goods to someone.
    Bummer about the wristlet, have you looked under the car seats?

  2. Oh no! I didn't get to see it in the flesh - I hope it's not lost permanently.
    Love the cushion - great idea to reverse it.
    Maybe you could teach me stippling when you're down next!

  3. I am more frequesntly these days forgetting where I put that the same? ;)
    Pretty, pretty cushion. What's not to love?

  4. Beautiful cushion cover!!

    I forget stuff all the time. I'm currently looking for something my husband gave me just last week - it's in the house somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it!! Hope you find the wristlet soon!!

  5. It's lovely! Well done. My "lost things" are quite often in the wrong bag - it should be with all the things for x, but here it is with y! Which usually means I find them when I'm not looking for them.
    Have a great day!

  6. I think your cover is stunning, I love the combination of fabric.

  7. I LOVE IT!!! I came home to find it waiting for me! Thanks so much for all the work, thought and "heart" you put into the cushion. It's just gorgeous - the kids even appreciate it so much they said I shouldn't put it on the lounge in case someone puts their feet on it! Thank you :)

  8. I think I already told you how great this is? Well, if I didn't... "This is great!" ;)

    And Hilary obviously loves it (how could she not), so yay, yay, yay! Thanks so much Tanya for joining in, this has been so fun.

  9. Love you cushion! Awesome!
    My "Following Tanya Following Nikki" hasn't started yet but there's been lots of page flicking - does that count ???
    I have grand plans .......

  10. Your pillow is beautiful -- I'm sure your "cushionee" will love it. As for losing things....let's not talk about it, ok? ;-)

  11. Are you sure you didn't put your wristlet in A Safe Place? Notorious those Safe Places. And what's not to love about THAT cushion?

  12. What beautiful designs!!! Love the colours!


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