Monday, October 25, 2010

My 4 things

4 Things I always carry
Nothing. No hand bag- and I have tried. I hate carrying things.

so the 4 Things I often carry are
  1. Keys- but they are put down at the earliest possible opportunity. There are 2 keys on my keyring, my car and my work. Our house doesn't lock...
  2. Mobile phone- I do have one, but like the keys it tends to get put down (and forgotten about, much to the frustration of anyone trying to ring me. Of the, about 3 people who have the number). I think it's in the car at the moment.
  3. Handcream- I love hand cream, and lip balm
  4. My wallet- because well, you want to be prepared don't you?
4 Things that are in my bedroom
  1. A jolly big mess including rotary cutter and a pile of fabric (why in the bedroom? Because I was 'tidying' the lounge room, obviously...)
  2. Far too many odd socks
  3. A suitcase waiting to go to Chicago with me!
  4. A Himalayan Salt lamp. I am not sure whether or not it enhances my wellbeing but it does look nice.
4 Things I would like to do but haven't done yet
  1. Get fit! Really, I would like to.
  2. Get a scooter- the vespa type. Mr A seems to think I am joking and that this may be slightly impractical (my work is 50 km's away). I probably am dreaming abit.
  3. Go on the Indian Pacific- train from Sydney to Perth. I used to work at V/Line and got quite into train travel but never took full advantage of the annual 'free rail' pass I was offered because my health wasn't really up to it at the time.
  4. I'm with Sal, be a grandma. I think it seems like an excellent gig.
4 Things that you don't know about me
  1. I camped out for tickets to see Bryon Adams during study week (SWOTVAC) at Uni. I wasn't a big fan but some (like my old teachers) might say I am 'easily distracted' and hey, my friends 'needed' company. We got third row seats and I caught the drummers drumstick. No, I don't still have it.
  2. I was a bridesmaid 3 times in the course of 7 weeks one Summer many years ago. It was the mid nineties and the photos reflect that. I had curly hair (the bride has apologised), a french roll (including a million bobby pins and 3 cans of hair spray) and straight hair with 'rollettes' and flowers (that was the best option, that was for Kate's wedding. She's the one that I am taking the abovementioned suitcase to see)
  3. I hate waiting. I don't like that I am no good at waiting. I think and hope I am getting a bit better.
  4. I was in Germany in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. I walked in to the lounge room and my host father (I was an exchange student) was weeping in front of the teli saying 'We never thought this would happen'. I went to Berlin and have souveniered a piece of that very wall. It was amazing and so much fun.
4 Things I often wonder
  1. Whether organisational skills can be learnt (or if I should just sigh in resignation and give up now)
  2. Where is 'X' (my keys, wallet, phone...etc). About those organisational skills, hmmm.
  3. What I am going to be when I grow up
  4. Why didn't I go on the Indian Pacific for free when I had the chance
  5. Where does the sky end?
  6. Why aren't the choices that are best for me the ones that come naturally? It would be much easier.
  7. What time is it?
  8. Where did the time go?
  9. When did my ability to count to 4 go missing?
Thanks for the questions Cath  you'll find more people answering these very same question over at Cath's place.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A bit of a shir never hurt anyone.

Some Sunday sewing happened at my place today. Along with a million visitors and crazy children who decided it was warm enough for a swim in the channel.
This is what got produced:
Here's a close up of the 'skirt' fabric.

And this one:
The red is 'Hello Kitty' fabric, that, along with the 'Love is' fabric was a good find in an op shop.

They are both going to pretty 'cheery' girls, so I hope they like them. I really like this patten. It's called 'Claire' by Sandi Henderson and I have made it repeatedly. This style is a tunic top which sadly isn't big enough for my girl anymore (despite her modelling it for me)- I could alter it abit but I think she is ready for a different style! It could be a great dress which becomes a top, because the shirring is so stretchy and would fit say, a 3 year old as a dress and a 7 year old as a top, I reckon.
I love shirring. My favourite bit is at the end, after I have sewn the rows of elastic in, when I steam it to death and it all shrivels up and becomes beautifully elastic-y.
Isn't sewing great?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Purple is the new black...

In my world, anyway.
I bought some thermals to take to Chicago with me- in 5 weeks (I know, Kate, you told me I wouldn't need them- but I am keen to at least try and go outside!).
Pure wool, made in Australia. Lovely. Creamy colour. Not lovely. I know- it's underwear so who cares, but I am thinking, leggings poking out beneath my black pants (rather than my cream underwear).
So I thought I would dye them black. I didn't want to make the water too hot though, weary of felting my new (rather expensive) long johns! It did cross my mind that it might be tricky to try and dye wool black and I was interested to see what I got.
Purple. It doesn't look like it in the photo but it is actually a nice even dye.
I did have a rather odd conversation with Mr. A about it though.
"I tried to dye my thermals black and they went purple"
"Oh. Cool"
"Yeesss. I am happy with that"
I am just not sure how he knew it would be "cool"!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spring springing and bees (hopefully not stinging!)

It's really nice to see these when I look out the back door.
There are loads more on their way, along with heap of poppies. I can't remember what colour they are going to be, so that will be a fun surprise! Heaps  of calendula flowers too- the strong orange really looks striking with the cornflowers. I love flowers.
So do these guys...
A swarm of bees (not from our hives, don't know where they are from) are making themselves at home on one of our peach trees.

Ahh, the wonders of nature!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prairie Girl

Maybe I just bought this pattern for the name- Prairie Girl. Sounds fun and carefree to me! No really, I liked the content as well. This was some of my school holiday sewing and she loves it. The pattern was pretty easy to follow and I am happy with the dress.
Although my friend suggested that she's too young for this style because it has a high waistline and it sort of gathered under the bust and she is 8 (and has no 'bust'). I didn't have a problem with it until she said that but now I am abit doubtful. Miss A loves it -she picked the fabric (I was happy to get a bit of Sandi Henderson's 'Henna Garden' in for the sleeves, tie and that middle bit- okay, in the pattern it's called a 'dickie'- who knew?!).

The way she is standing  posing in this photo does make the bodice look abit ill fitting...hmmm, maybe it's just abit big. I am open to suggestions.
I really love it when my children love wearing clothes I have made them.
I remember hating being dressed in 'home made clothes'. And, (embarrassing confession) once insisted that my mother embroider two little 'Hang Ten' (cool brand at the time) feet on a jumper she made when I was in Grade 5. In retrospect, they were so wonky, obviously a home made rip off, but I was pretty chuffed!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

With love and fondness

A grandfather gone.
Mr Robust and Healthy 96 year old grandfather in law died last week, surrounded by people he loved and who loved him, including us. Very sad but also very special. He went down hill quite quickly, hadn't really been sick and had spoken briefly  to us the day before he died.
That suited him, I think. He would have hated to be 'frail, aged'.

Some things that made him very special, certainly one out of the box!
  • He was a fantastic baker and was known for his sponges, shortbread, scones, preserves (he has answered talkback callers on ABC radio on the topic of preserves, and been interviewed by Matt Preston for the Age Epicure). And he was very generous with it, I think someone at the funeral said they recieved some shortbread two weeks ago.
  • Up until the last few years he picked his own fruit at 'pick your own' places, to preserve.
  • He barracked for the Hawks before they were the Hawks- apparently they started out as the 'May Flowers' or something equally amusing in the 1920's or so
  • At 96 he saw his 9 year old great grandson play footy at the MCG (Auskick) and was proud!
  • This year he had about 156 daffodils bloom in his garden and a very healthy crop of silverbeet- in the inner-ish suburbs of Melbourne.
  • He cut articles of interest out of papers and sent them to us, accompanied by a letter in his fine handwriting on his personalised stationery
  • He was always immaculately groomed, often with a tie and suit jacket.
  • He was really involved in certain aspects of his community and was interested in people.
I think he was an inspiring, kind, funny and interesting man.
Grandpa, you will be missed and I am glad to have had you in my life.