Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet as apple pie (if I may say so myself)

It was about 1975- I was 3 and I might just have been at my cutest! How about my older brother- in his matching mauve outfit including floral tie, white shoes and socks. 
Gorgeous- and probably a good thing he doesn't read my blog or I might get in trouble!
What was the go with matching- come on, 'fess up- do any of you who are mothers do it?

Still going okay on the crafty thing each day and yesterdays challenge involved old photos which led me to my parents house and to these treasures... 
Hand knits and home made jeans. 
I wonder what my daughter will be saying in 35 years about the absolutely fabulous and very funky 'homemade clothes' I am currently providing her to wear. 
She'll probably just marvel at how cute she was (and perhaps question my taste!).
So pleased that ric rac made an appearance.

Yes, I had very little, very short, very fine, very blonde hair and some suggested I looked like a boy. And, yes, he is my brother by birth with the very same parents, and people often say Junior Apple looks quite like him. Genetics can be fascinating!


  1. I had a plethora of homemade clothes. I'll never forget the dresses and straw hats that my mom made to match me to her.
    I'm guilty of doing the matchy matchy thing with my boys.

    xx A

  2. Oh, my sisters and I were a very matchy bunch of kiddies in the 70's.... it's cute to see the boy-girl matchiness in your family!

    And yes - you were a cutie!!!

  3. Boy girl matchiness is rare, I think, haven't seen it before! Such an effort of co-ordination, I think, what a good mum. We weren't dressed matching, but plenty of handmade clothes, unfortunately not as tasteful as our kids get! And can I ask- is that a high chair in the car? The window behind looks like a car window- it would be hilarious if it was! You're parents were ahead of the times with car safety! Cute pics!

  4. Oh my! You're not wrong about the cuteness factor!

    .... I'm also 38, and these photos look very familiar to me, being so similar to my own memories and pics from that time. I have an older sister and my mum also dressed us in lots of home-made, often matching, clothing :-) I wonder if I would do the same if I had kids ...


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