Sunday, January 9, 2011

The list

The list- in no particular order
It's not a list of resolutions, I don't like them, because if I don't do them I am mean to myself and that's not pleasant. This is a 'things to do' list which I really enjoyed thinking about and I could probably add loads of things to, but it will do for now. Things I aspire to, or ways I want to be. 

(There are other players who have inspired me with their lists, you'll find them at Tinniegirls place by clicking on the link above)
  1. look into peoples eyes when I am talking to them- not in a creepy way, just give my attention
  2. go outside more often
  3. put things back where they belong after I have finished with them (hmm, be tidier)
  4. finish my sentences (I tend to drift off, forgetting that there is a listener involved who can't necessarily read my thoughts)
  5. swim in the ocean. Swim anywhere, actually, but the ocean is always great.
  6. walk 10km all in one go
  7. ride the Beechworth- Bright rail trail with our friends.
  8. read a book every month (at least), and stretch myself in my choices of book
  9. make an effort to spend time with my friends
  10. practice being in the present- be mindful- no need to drift off
  11. do something creative everyday
  12. make yoghurt instead of buying it
  13. write (and don't forget to post)  letters regularly
  14. have more hand made Christmas decorations than store bought
  15. play with my children
  16. cook with my children
  17. listen to music- always enjoy it when I do, just forget to put it on
  18. smile and laugh- a lot
  19. take more photos (see number 3. give the camera a home so I can always find it!)
  20. write a tutorial for my blog
  21. make some collages
  22. make mosaic steps for my garden
  23. start a hexagon quilt
  24. finish a rag rug
  25. exercise at least three times a week
  26. go to bed earlier and get up earlier
  27. own less books at the end of the year than at the start of the year
  28. use fresh herbs in my cooking
  29. eat seasonally from the garden and don't whinge about having a hankering for broccoli or asparagus when it's not time!
  30. grow tulips
  31. sew some clothing for me
  32. keep a 'thoughts to get back to' note book. And get back to them.
  33. spend less time on the computer...
  34. attend the newly initiated 'first Sunday book club' with Mr. Apple (it's only us two!)
  35. Generally make time for, prioritise and nurture my close relationships
  36. drink more water
  37. do regular stretching or yoga
  38. chuck stuff that I do not love or use out
  39. keep a journal
  40. take the children to the snow
  41. go camping
  42. spend some time in silence each day
  43. eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full
  44. be generous
  45. contribute to my community
  46. be brave
I am adding these to here because they like lists too!


  1. This is an excellent list and I could nearly copy and paste as my list would look very similar! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Phew, that's some list!
    It all sounds doable too.
    Might need to stick it on the fridge to remind you.
    Bet you get through it all too.
    Have fun.

  3. Great list! I should stick it on my fridge too.

  4. Wow what an amazing list!
    I hope you have the chance to tick off absolutely everything at some stage during the year.

  5. Fantastic list Tan - many of these are things I want to/should do as well.
    I've already started to cook more with the kids - but one at a time - it was the concept of two four year olds and a two year old 'helper' putting me off I think.
    Would love to hear about the bookclub reads - I'm always on the look out for good books.

  6. That's a seriously fab list. I love to see people dreaming big and putting it out there.

    I wasn't sure if you know 'Somewhere Along A Winding Path'. Megan has a fun thing going on where you can sign up to join others in keeping track of your book reading.

    And of course, I can't wait to see some collages.

  7. Great list Tan. Lots of snaps on there for me.

  8. Tan - wonderful list. I counted, and 34 of your items resonate with a similar list I've got in my head. I might just "borrow" your list since you've been reading my mind!

    I've found the best motivation comes from accountability with others, so best of luck to you and those around to help keep you to your list!

  9. Your list is fantastic! I want to add nearly all of it to mine!
    I look forward to seeing the things you're going to make!

  10. Your list is 80% of my list. It's nice to find someone similar :D


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