Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art Room

Before I go on, see that button on the right- the pink umbrella- well, crafty bloggers are pulling it together, coordinated by Toni, to raise funds for the Queensland flood appeal. 
On the weekend, Toni will be putting up a final list of participants in the action- people are donating things left, right and centre for auctions and 'raffles'- there are heaps, so go and have a poke around.

Now, about that 'art room', well it was my kitchen actually.
We got out the paints, the canvases, a bit of fabric, the brushes, the bubble wrap and Kelly Rae Roberts book for guidance and played...

This is what I came up with. The fish I made a long time ago using cooked salt dough. Why I still have it, I don't know, but it came in useful. The process was really fun, and I don't mind my 'end product'.
I don't know about the colour of the fish- I wish the photo showed it better, it's quite shimmery and has this bronze kind of embossing powder on it. 
I ripped the fabric (cotton voile), scrunched it up and saturated it with pva glue and plonked it on and kind of manipulated it around, then added a bit of paint when it was a bit drier.

The fish has no eye. I am abit nervous about doing eyes...
The background is some of the fantastic lavender I harvested last week.

I think this contributes to numbers 11, 15 and 21 on the list. So that's a bonus!


  1. Great painting & happy art in the kitchen. The Flood Appeal has some amazing auctions & raffles, i'm excited!! Love Posie

  2. wonderful Tanya! loving your lavender harvest aswell.

    good things are happening in blogland, such a great feeling all around in aid of all this devastation.

  3. Very cute! I think the fishy looks cute with or without eyes :)

  4. Love the painting! Our kitchen is our art room too, a good waterproof tablecloth is an absolute necessity!
    Isn't lavender just so wonderful?!


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