Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best wishes and high hopes

That's best wishes to you for a really fun and fulfilling 2011. 
I really like the start of a new year, it feels like a clean slate to me- full of potential.
I have read many a conversation about inspiration, copying, influence etc in the crafty world. 
What's original, what's flogging someone else's bright idea, what is being inspired? 
I am a bit of a crafty dabbler and when I was in America I met Kelly Rae Roberts' work for the first time and was quite drawn to it and have since purchased this book
It's interesting and thoughtful and probably what I am up to right now. 
Getting to the core; of me, of my craft, of the connection between the two. 
There are a lot of words and thoughts- I like words and thoughts. 
As well as this she shows how to do stuff (techniques). I think she is generous with sharing this stuff- there are several contributors who also share their tips and techniques. 
I never use paint in my craft and like the idea of having 'instructions/ suggestions' for what to do with it and how to get certain effects. I am looking forward to getting dirty with paint! I am looking forward to paint and fabric combinations. 

And, on the first day of the year, full of hope and desiring some rhythm I am also planning to do this in 2011.
Another book I bought in America (I did ask why, as I was trying to stuff everything into my case to come home!). 
It has a different activity for each day with some routine- like, Mondays is always a journalling activity, one day is about found objects, one day is about personal history, one day is an un-crafty thing (which they say much more eloquently but I don't have the book here to help me out).

So I am looking forward to thinking (and not thinking just crafting) as I discover more of what I like and am drawn too, what stresses me out rather than fizzles me in a happy way (you know, when you are crafting and loving it and getting energy from it). What makes me feel like it's teaching me patience, perseverance and stretching me. The core. 

Last night I went to our local New Year's Eve carnival and visited a small, rural art gallery/ space/ collective that has just opened in my town (well, I don't live in a town, but the closest town). I had a great conversation with a bloke (who is one of the drivers of the project) about art and crafts, community building, intergenerational opportunities through art and craft, health etc. 
It got me going, I tell you. I love that stuff! 
And I found out that my small town is going to have some pretty cool creative workshops this year and monthly live music. Nice one. 
Hooray for local community minded people who have energy to share and put into these kind of projects.
Here's to a great one, I hope you have high hopes for 2011 as well.

By the wayI liked Kelly's post about what's okay and not okay about replicating her artwork- see it here (didn't tell you till the end so you would keep reading about me!)


  1. Hi Tanya, thanks for stopping by my blog : ) Kelly Rae Roberts also has a lovely blog thanks for the link : ) Good luck with your 365 it sounds interesting and I hope it works for you : )

  2. Wow - that Crafter's Devotional book looks fantastic!!!
    Bring on a wonderfully creative 2011 - can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm excited!

  3. Happy New Year, Tan! New beginnings are always inspiring - keep up the crafting this year, and I plan on doing the same in my neck of the woods!

  4. Oh, I love the look of that Crafter's Devotional. What a beautiful book.

    I love KRR's book too. I bought it a few year's back and find it endlessly inspiring. She is generally pretty endlessly inspiring really.

    Happy New Year. I hope you are thinking about joining me and making a list :)


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