Sunday, October 4, 2009

My favourite vegie

"Home Economics draws from a range of disciplines to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individuals, families and communities. Historically, Home Economics has been in the context of the home and household, but this has extended in the 21st century to include the wider living environments as we better understand that the capacities, choices and priorities of individuals and families impact at all levels, ranging from the household, to the local and also the global (glocal) community"
I am quoting from Wikipedia so, when I refer to 'home economics' no one thinks I am talking about cooking at school!
This is what 'the goodness' in my blog sub title refers to. And what better example today than a photo of asparagus picked just before it was to be cooked for our dinner. Divine- it just happens to be my fav vegie (probably because it has a resonably short season and is always precious- unlike those very prolific crops, for example cucumbers- how many cucumbers can one family and their extended family, and their neighbours, work colleges etc eat!!


  1. My dream job is to be a Home Economics high school teacher! How cool would that be! Anyhow, just popped by to say you won my giveaway - CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Oh yay- do you see that? I won a giveaway at Polka dot daze! Little dance...

  3. Oh I love asparagus too. The most precious of the vegies because it is the first one to be ready to pick after a long cold winter. I love it raw and cooked. YUM!

  4. yay, love aparagus because it tastes beautiful and also because of how precious it is. it's funny my little ones can eat it raw, but not when it's cooked...strange!


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