Saturday, October 24, 2009

Too many mistakes!

How do you tell when it's bedtime? When you're tired? When the clock tick's past a certain hour? Well, I have taken to crafting fairly regularly at night for the past few weeks, my stuff stays out so it's easy to pick up where I left off and get going quickly. Sometimes I get absorbed and focussed and stay up far too late.

Tonight I have been attempting a few things (surprise- I find it difficult to focus on one project at a time- in fact, when I know you a bit better I might do a line up photo of my works in progress!). I recently subscribed to Ottobre magazine, because the girls over at 'Crafty Mama's' were raving about it and I wanted some good, reliable patterns for childrens clothes. I was pretty excited to recieve it in the mail earlier in the week and thought I would get stuck into it at the earliest possible chance- so, after working with this

for the first time ever, which involved being fairly daunted but overcoming that, I have been doing some serious cutting tonight. Sadly though, I have realised that my day is over (there's never enough hours). I have started making silly mistakes and having trouble comprehending instructions. Don't get me wrong, I love sleep, but I think I love sewing more. I will show you what I am working on in a few days.

I have been hearing about loads of other people scoring op shop and garage sale gold this week- well, I bought Pip's 'Meet me at Mike's' book for $6 at my local country Victorian op shop- wasn't I a). very surprised and b). very excited. I had previously borrowed it from the library and am pretty happy to have my own copy because there are a lot of projects I will do in it. so thank you very much to the person who handed that one on. In return, I am having a clear out and sending some fabric and crafty love back to my op shop!

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  1. I've never done those ones, but i recently started subscribing to Burda and their patterns are really similar. I actually have a big stash of tissue paper (leftover from gift wrapping) that I've been using to trace out the patterns.


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