Monday, September 28, 2009

Oranges and Lemons for Apple &Tangerine!

This is more op shop goodness. Aren't I lucky? I got 3 pieces of this fabric, one with red border (that's this picture) and one with green and one yellow. Hmm, what to make? A tiny smock would be nice but I have no tiny people around any more, or maybe an apron. I will keep thinking.


  1. Oh how lovely !! I am making a number of childrens dresses at the moment - wouldnt it be just perfect for quintesential vintage childrens dress - good find !!! YOur blog is lovely by the way - I am now a follower. Cheers!

  2. Ooh err, I'm just a wee bit jealous of this one!

    Nice to find your blog. You've been lurking a while haven't you? :-) Good to see you've bitten the bullet.


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