Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilt for Great Aunt Betty

Not technically my Great Aunt Betty but one that I am very happy to inherit by marriage! She recently turned 90 and isn't up with the blog world so I think it will be okay to show you before I actually give it to her. Finished yesterday, then washed and dried- yes, I like them soft and crinkly too!
(Apparently the lawn mower needs a new blade, I say apparently because I confess, I am not the person who uses it the most!)

How appropriate that the day I find out I win a giveaway from Stacey at I finish my quilt with the polka dot border.

I am really enjoying the Blogtoberfest, not that I am participating, I am still finding my sea legs, so to speak, but I am feeling alot of crafty bloggy love and kindness around and well, I think it's nice.

Having a play with fonts, I am not the technological genius I may appear (ahem...!) so, just bear with me, would you.

Happy weekend, I am excited. Saturday mornings are my most favourite time of the week- what's yours?


  1. Hi Tanya just popped in to say hi ! Love your new quilt .

  2. Hi Tanya I love the nontraditional quilts, this one is great. good contrast colors. Welcome to the blog world!

  3. lovely quilt, the colours and patterns are just right, she'll love it. I love Saturday mornings too, but all of Saturdays are pretty good!

  4. Yes there is lots of "crafty bloggy love and kindness around" - doesn't it rock! And so happy that gorgeous quilt has polka dots!

  5. Gorgeaous quilt!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.


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