Monday, October 19, 2009

Girls night in

October is the month to raise money for Breast Cancer research with the 'Girls night in' project. I had one at my house last week and while I haven't got photos to show for it, I have got this photo of the preparation.
My workspace is a renovated 'shed' outside my house, affectionately known at the 'sweatshop'- because at times, A LOT of work is done in here in a short space of time, at times it is over crowded and, more literally, it gets really hot in Summer! (Hopefully I don't need to say no offence to, or on behalf of, people working in real 'sweatshop' conditions- whose plight is horrendous- because of course no offence is intended).
Anyway, Cheryl and I often sew together (Carolyn too, but she wasn't here this night), I feel very lucky to have great local crafty buddies (even though they don't love op shopped vintage sheets like I do!).
The decision to have a 'girls night in' was fairly spontaneous, the timeline was short- so what does Ms. Generous Cheryl decide to do? Make not one, but two 'I Spy' quilts to raffle off to help in the fundraising stakes. I might add, not only was she generous with her time, she was generous with mine too- 'we're making a quilt, I've made the top so can you quilt it?!' (Jacque then did the binding so it was a great team effort).
I live in an area with a lot of farming families and many who have been hit hard by the drought, we had 15 'girls' here last Thursday and raised $210, which I reckon is a top effort.
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  1. Well done! I had a Girls Night In on Friday night (and no photos - to busy crafting)... Love the idea of making something on the night to raffle off as a fundraiser.


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