Friday, October 30, 2009

Me and buttonholes...

Buttonholes and I are friends again! I have just learnt how to do them (manually sort of, not automatic as my machine manual promised- I will be speaking to my machine dealer about that). Buttonholes, sigh, I enjoyed doing them. I love buttons so now the buttons in my collection will have buttonholes to go with them. Assuming some action in the sewing room.


Modelling credit to Maisey the well loved doll. This top will be sent off as a present for Mairead, so I hope it fits. Alexander Henry fabric sleeves- love that fabric.


  1. Very cute top..... im glad you and buttonholes are friends again!!!

  2. Oh, it's beautiful :-) I want one!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

  3. It's great to hear that you and buttonholes have found some common ground! I can imagine all your buttons dancing with joy at the thought of now being used.

    At first glance, I must admit to being a bit horrifed at that second photo. Then I realised it was a doll!


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