Friday, October 16, 2009

Anniversary gifts

Earlier this year we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.We don't go in for big gifts but usually make or buy something according the weird and wonderful 'anniverary gift list' that seems to have been around for an awfully long time. 12 is, apparently,  linen, silk or pearls.
I bought this 'Winter Nest' panel (on linen) from Kristen Doran in time to have something done with it for June 7th...but (finally) last night attached it to a canvas so it can now hang proudly on our wall. I love it.
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  1. Oh yeah. I love this one. Great idea to make it into a canvas.
    I waited ages and ages, trying not to buy it, then bought it for myself at the last craft show I went to. I think mine will become a skirt panel, if I get the nerve to do anything with it!

  2. Oh, that's beautiful! Well done on creative thinking!

  3. I've seen that one on her blog, I love the intracacy of the branches, great idea to put it on canvas.

  4. What a great idea for that beautiful fabric.. and a gorgeous link to your 12th anniversary.

  5. I love that! And I still rememeber your wedding - can't believe it was 12 years ago! Still one of the best wedding's i've been to!


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