Monday, November 2, 2009


I am not so good at the heat, I get a bit cranky! I was happy to get a swim in the Murray River yesterday- oh the feeling, after the first coldy getting in bit- of cooling the blood down. Just what I needed.
Saturday night though, we crafted at Carolyn's house which was fantastic because she has a lovely airconditioner and after many months I finally finished this.


It's for our friend Pepe, and I will give it to him on Wednesday. He's an older gent who lives by himself and I think (really hope) he will like it. I usually go in for lap size quilt but this is closer to a single bed size.
I think this means I can start the next project- to keep the balance of unfinished projects up!!


  1. Wow, wow, wow - what an amazing quilt. I'm sure Pepe will love it (and if he doesn't please send it my way - it gorgeous)!

  2. Oh Tanya, its fantastic, how could he not like it. I'm off to do some pre full moon planting. X

  3. Hi Tanya, I've heard that you are new to blogging and I was new not too long ago so I thought I'd come and say hi. You are so generous to make that lovely quilt for Pepe. I am sure he will love it. Apart from quilting, I see you like op-shops too and that is me as well - Enjoy blogging - Hugs Natima

  4. My internal thermometer is very sensitive too Tanya! Too hot or too cold does make one cranky!

    What a beautiful gift to give.

  5. that is gorgeous Tanya, I love it, I have never made a quilt with circles.....we don't have an air conditioner at our house either.

    Gill in Canada

  6. Oh, that is a beautiful quilt. He's sure to like it!

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt! Love to see the pictures from your part of the world!


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