Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rag rug action

Aren't blog archives interesting...I knew I hadn't made much progress on my rag rug for awhile...I flicked back to have a bit of a look (which is where those labels, which I haven't really ever got into the habit of using, would come in really handy)- anyway I was surprised to see that this picture is ummm, rather similar to the one below, taken tonight...oops (while it may not be obvious to the naked eye, there has been a little more plaiting action happen!). I was also surprised to see that I wrote the post nearly a year ago- 28th January 2011. Like I said, oops!
What would move 'one' forward on a project that has been met with such apathy? Why, solidarity, of course.

So there I am, reading Jodie's news the other day when I see a lovely picture at the bottom of her blog post, a rag rug- those fond 'rag rug love' feelings make me smile and think of my own poor neglected pile of raggy braids...before I know it, Jodie has declared not only is she making one, but she's discovered heaps of others are keen too and all of a sudden I've been caught up in the whirlwind of a 'rag rug along'

Actually, that's not strictly true- my response has been far from whirl wind like, but I tell you, some of these other rag ruggers, well, they get things done. There is talk of techniques, methods, ripping or cutting, ironing or folding (which may be where I realised sometimes instructions might be useful). Not just talk either-action (eg, this one involves a crochet hook, and this one, an amazing needle). Having seen these and the progress that's been made, I think that my naive idea of making a big plait and sewing it together may not be the wisest, strongest, easiest, most effective method. I will have to reconsider my rag rug options!

I am looking forward to see lots of rag rugs. So far mine has got a fair bit of white in it, which is an old sheet, the green is a dress of my grandma's (at least, I think that's where it came from). I really quite like the 'Little House on the Prairie'-ness of it all.

It's still school holidays here for another week and abit and we have been enjoying some pretty nice family times, including the odd board game..or twenty!
I tell you what, this was the best 50 cents I have spent in awhile- thank you op shop- "The Game of Life" (I may have been the happiest to find this because it's one of those- 'oh, I really wanted that when I was a kid' games, involving abit of nostalgia!). 
I did make a comment during the game that it's actually not that much like my life, and I don't necessarily agree with the title- there are no squares saying 'your peach tree is loaded and the fruit are going to rot if you don't stop and pick them- miss a turn", or "you have got up early and fed the pigs, move forward 2 spaces". And then, within a few quick spins, I had had twin girls, followed by another baby girl, which made me think, oh, well, it does bear some vague resemblance to at least bits of some peoples lives!

If you are super observant (or have amazing eyes) you might notice the dvd I borrowed from the library- that was inspired by Lara (it's North and South, I also borrowed Pride and Prejudice). 
Can you guess where I was sitting? See that hooking action on 'screen right', yep, still enamoured with learning to crochet.


  1. Ohmygosh - the Game of Life! I used to play that game for hours when I was a kid! (I wonder if we still have it?). Good luck with your rug - it's fun to see what everyone is making with Jodie!

  2. I always wanted to have one of those little cars and load it up with kids, are we swapping lives for a while??!
    I love board games too - though the 3.5 year old beat me at memory the other day - I 'gave' her one pair early on to keep her keep and not feeling discouraged - then she thumped me, all on her own. Next time - no mercy.
    Saw some Tunisian crochet today - I might be interested...

  3. I used to love playing game of life when I was a kid... but these days it's a bit far fetched and not really in line with my values.

  4. Im slowly learning to crochet too. Amazing how addictive it is. Good to meet you last Saturday. Have a wonderful 2012.
    Cheers Libby

  5. I can't tell you how much all the rag rugging about has been tempting me. I'm needing some long haul ripple blanket blinkers because I suspect the crochet honeymoon period is about to come to an end. YIKES!

    1. Rug rag actions are always needed where there is a sew genie around :)

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  6. The rag rugs are amazing, loving Jodie's progress from coaster to place mat to . . . rug. Love Posie

  7. On our thrifting trip today we picked up Junior Boggle for $1.50! Regular Boggle was on high rotation in our house during childhood... great how the memories come flooding back! Looking forward to seeing your rug action evolve!!

  8. I'm still contemplating whether or not to start one. Can't decide.

  9. I'm a bit scared of my bloggy archives. Especially after a bloggy friend declared that she had read EVERYTHING. Yikes. Lovin' the rag rug action though. Hmn. SO how have things been going on that one this last month?!?


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