Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project 5 and some little sewing

This little dress was started at Sewjourn, which feels like AGES age, it was finished shortly after but I haven't blogged about it because I wanted to wait till I met the recipient (Isabel), and gave it to her (well, her mother, really) before I blogged about it. Isobel flew over the Pacific for a few weeks in December, I met her briefly and had a cuddle- she's very lovely (I meant to ask her mum if I can put a photo of her up here, but haven't yet- I will edit this to add one once I have spoken to Nat).

I really enjoyed choosing the fabric for this little Oliver and S "Ice Cream Social Dress". When I was in America, I stayed with Natasha for a few days and she took me to Mood in New York (now there's a store to be awe struck and overwhelmed by, it was pretty amazing). Nat likes fabric. I know she likes orange, and I wanted to include some of me in it- so it was the apples in tangerine, and in green -funny that you can have apples in tangerine and lime, really, huh. How appropriate that the fabric range it comes from is called 'Farmers Market' (designed by Sandi Henderson). 
I asked Nat's sister, Amy what colours Nat likes and she said something like 'vintagey type hues'- or that's what I took it as. So the floral and the pocket fabric completed the fabric choosing- and I forget what range either of those are from.
The other thing I made for little Izzy is project 5 from the Tanya and Nicole project- I didn't take a photo of it- oops. but Nikki did, it's over here. Nikki was generous with her interfacing knowledge- and it was SO GOOD to see her get her hands onto it and fold, bend, squash etc to see how the different interfacings responded (cause I like that inexact, it depends how it feels kind of style).  That was where I first made up a bit of a swatch pack for my different interfacings...and a new appreciation took hold (yep, I want to be the interfacing apprentice!).
So, there's a few older sewing projects...crafting with the girls on Saturday night so hopefully I will get something done and remember that sewing is my hobby and I love it...me and sewing have both been on holidays at this house- and not together!
I am back to work tomorrow, I have had such a nice break, relaxed, restorative. Ahhhh. 

Crochet update: thanks to those of you who pointed me towards the left handed crochet tutes on youtube- I was listening to one and my girl said- "Are you actually watching that video about how to crochet?", "Yep", she said "but you already know how to crochet" (she's seen my chain stitch- bless her!), I said "kind of, but I don't actually know alot, there's alot to learn" and she replied "you don't need to know everything, you know"


  1. The little dress is SO sweet and will look adorable teamed with the petal hat. Love your fabric choices...

  2. Too, too cute! I don't have any kiddies in the family of the right age for baby clothes - they'd all grown up by the time I got back into sewing!!

  3. That really is the most adorable dress - the colours look fabulous. Was she thrilled with it??
    You know I will not judge (or offer advice!) on things to do with wool - I will just wish you all the best!

  4. You're daughter is so wise. Bless her.

    And that dress is so fine. Lucky you to have Nikki help you out. I am so hoping to get to the eastern states for Canberra's sew meet. Fingers crossed. Will you be there?


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