Friday, January 13, 2012

the arrangement

We are lucky enough to live close by to great friends who are biodynamic dairy farmers. We have 'an arrangement', we swap our produce for their milk.
Sometimes the 'vegie box' is more abundant than others, sometimes it includes honey or jam and occasionally a cake or some bread. I feel really grateful to have such excellent quality milk, I do appreciate it. Mr. Apple has worked in the cowshed a reasonable amount, although not for a while, after his first few milkings he commented on how content and settled the cows seemed, really calm compared to other dairys he'd worked in. Our farmer friend is a pretty calm bloke, so the cows probably pick up his 'vibe'.
It's blackberry season here, I did a bit of jamming before Christmas but need to crank out the preserving pan again, we've put quite a few blackberries in the freezer- they'll be turned into cakes and muffins during the year.
We are spending our days kicking around home, hanging out- by ourselves and with friends, it's really nice. It was cooler this week so I baked bread and slow cooked lamb shanks for dinner (pretending it was Winter!). No craft has been done- I don't think I can count the ongoing 'mastery' of 'chain stitch' in my crochet...or complete failure to progress from there. I will be inspired by Lissanne though, because she 'got it' today...maybe I will get day!


  1. Wish I had your fruit and veg garden, Tanya! As it is I can only grow a few things in pots.

    You will get crochet eventually. I thought it was impossible at first and now there's no stopping me. Have to say it took about 6 months for the basics to click with me and another 18 months (so just!) to learn which stitch is which without having to refer to a book every time I looked at a pattern!! Hope you persevere - crochet is addictive once you get the hang of it.

  2. That's an Arrangement of wonderfull-ness, that is.

    Crochet warning: once you 'get it' (and you will), understand that you will then be inviting all sorts of unwieldy, end-weaving, hang-around-for-yonks projects into your world. Sigh.

  3. The frikkin weather here... who needs to pretend it's winter?!! ;)

    I love that arrangement. I used to live on a dairy when I was young; it has a very particular smell haha.

    Loving your jam - I just bought a canning outfit which has me all excited... now Mr just has to grow me some stuff to can!

  4. That sounds like a beautiful arrangement for swapping.
    I love holidays and the opportunity to do more of what you want.
    I've been inspired to do some "winter" cooking and baking this week too :)

  5. Hi Tan, Nice jars!! I bet the jam is even nicer... I'm catching up on your blog and it's great to see your crochet progress.
    I'd love to make a "crafty" date with you for the near future...


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