Thursday, January 19, 2012

She's got it, yeah baby, she's got it!

If you are over the age of...what? say, 37 (?), you might be busting out some neat Bananarama moves after reading that title...well, join me as I dance around celebrating the fact that, however late I might be, I am finally coming to the granny square party. There are a few technical issues to sort out (namely starting a new row, changing colour & reading instructions) but that's neither here nor least I am finally on the right track. Now, I was warned that it might be see ya later...that hook is whispering my name

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  1. Ah. What you are describing there is the Honeymoon Phase. ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS! And even when you finally get to the point where you're not enjoying it anymore, you'll probably still find a latent addiction thing happening.

    PS. Go Granny Go!

    PPS. I was Banarama-ing as soon as I read the title.

  2. PPS. Not that I was saying you're a granny! Sigh. You know what I mean...

  3. Oh YES! I've got the moves! Nice work there Tanya - you're really doing it now! And now that you're on Ravelry you will truly become addicted...

  4. Just as long as we don't have to wear the clothes to go with the moves ....!!

    Definitely looks like you've got it ... You're hooked now, Tanya - crochet is totally addictive!!

  5. Yeah tan yes very addictive I love it to

  6. Well done:) You will be granning until the wee hours in the morning before you know it. Talking of whicj - I really need to get my granny on and finish these hexys that have been sitting idle since the move.

  7. It is sooo adictive. Just you wait. You will never through out a scrap of yarn again, just in case you can use it in a crochet project.

  8. *the crowd goes wild*
    I'm busting out the moves and dancing along with you sista.
    Fantastic. You're on the crochet gravy train now. BRAVO!

  9. Aha -- THERE you are! (Or should I say HERE you are!) I couldn't remember the apple part. The url is If you fill that in people can visit you. Hopefully I won't lose you again LOL.

    Your crochet is VERY pretty!


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