Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have been missing my blog...and yours too, actually- there hasn't been much blog reading or writing going on here. 
I was surprised to see 'last post on June 19th' though. Have I been busy trying to keep my head above water since then? I don't think I wanted to know that!

I have finished a few crafty things in that time though- a little cardigan (yes, knitting!)- given to it's new recipient without taking a photo first (because I was still sewing the buttons on moments before handing it over), the hexagon quilt- I love it, also, handed over to its new owner without a photo (still hand sewing the binding moments before handing that one over!)...I will get a photo next time I visit. Such a fun and pretty easy quilt to do.
The wristlet has been found- left it at my friends house- she lives around the corner but I haven't picked it up again yet, will take a photo when I get it back. It now has a big sister, which I also can't wait to show you. 

The mobile phone hasn't been found though. Do I really need one? I think the other one has gone for good and it's time to think about replacement. I am not like 'the young people' who do alot of their communicating via text messages, but I do enjoy abit of 'extra' communication with friends via text, and I have missed that. I don't actually use the phone much. I travel 100km (round trip, country driving) to work two days a week, so it's comforting having a mobile for 'just in case'...most probably 'just in case I run out of petrol!'

The noise makers are still here. It's been hard. I complained. I said earthworking noise, 10 metres from our house (at times, sometimes further away but still loud) from 7am- 5.30pm, 7 days a week (yes, really, and even on public holidays) is unreasonable. We are hoping they are nearly finished. Our channel has plastic lining so I think they must be nearly finished. Dodgy project.

Trees have been sent, markets attended and that will slow down soonish. I still think it's great to see so many people keen on growing their own fruit.

 Paddle steamers at Echuca
It was refreshing to be looking at Australia through fresh eyes, again. 

Amongst the chaos we had a short visit from our friends from Germany.
My parents are taking them to the airport today, their flight leaves in a few hours. These are friendships that have formed as a result of me being an exchange student to Germany in 1989! This time Tom, who is 9 was one of the visitors, he is first of the  '3rd generation' to cross the oceans for a visit.
 Ah, it was sad to say goodbye.
A visit to the Healesville Sanctuary
I am reminded though, that I need to plan better with my crafting, I need some portable craft on the go and accessible at all times. It helps to keep me grounded, sane, and in touch with who I am. 


  1. So glad you found the wristlet eventually, Tanya. Sounds like you're really busy at the moment!

    The son of my pen friend from the 1980's is about to come and stay with us or a week to improve his English! That makes me feel old, but it's so nice to still have those friendships after all these years.

  2. Nice to have you back. I can't imagine life without crafting these days. Definately needed for my sanity.

  3. It must be a busy time for many - I've hardly blogged of late either, actually it seems to be a good thing as I get a lot more done!
    Good weather for knitting :)

  4. Great to see you back, Tan! Good news on the wristlet (and the big sis version). Looking forward to seeing more... :)

  5. Oooo! Is that the Emmy Lou? A special favourite in our house.

    Lovely to see you.


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