Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gratitude and thanks to my elders.

The thing about the vermin issue, is that is has me slightly hysterically sorting through my crafty cupboards. 
I probably needed an incentive to sort, discard and organise (would rather a positive incentive but anyway...). The fun thing (the only fun thing) about doing this is the rediscovering... I had forgotten that when my grandmother died a few years ago, I saved this from being chucked out...
I don't know whether it was intended to be a vest or a jumper. My grandma was an amazing knitter (and crafter in general). She made funny knitted toys, jumpers- I got to choose one- pattern and wool (she would hand us the Bendigo woollen mills colour chart- they must have been around for years)- every few years. She had at least 13 grandchildren so I reckon she must have been knitting fairly constantly.
She was absolutely of sound mind until her death but the preceding years had seen her eyesight fail severely and that meant the she couldn't read (she was a librarian who loved books) or craft. It must have been extremely frustrating, but I didn't appreciate that at the time. Her work was fine and detailed. I don't know what ply this wool is but it seems pretty thin to me!
The other funny thing is I reckon this would have been an unfinished object for years. Before 'bright colours for babies' was 'okay'...maybe it's been hanging around since the 70's- it's a very 70's kind of green, which the photos don't replicate. So, when I rediscovered it this morning it was in the same place as this;
MY unfinished vest! Started in a burst of enthusiasm last year, or the year before, for the young girl- who is now 8 and won't fit into this even if I did finish it. I have the pattern but have no idea what size I was making. I really need to document my projects better (I have thought that on more than one occasion!).
I wonder what I would find in my mothers unfinished project pile. I suspect I am a third generation project our defence the 3 of us would have a very serious pile of finished projects if they were all in the same place and time. 


  1. Gosh the vermin are driving me crazy! I've caught 6 now in total.

  2. Ah, you are making me a bit nervous about my 2 knitting UFOs now. With my memory, I should get back to them. How terrible it would be to be so creative and book loving and not be able to pursue either.

  3. Wow - what a discovery. I am totally loving that shade of green. Too beautiful.
    Hope you finish your vest... one day... maybe in time for grandchildren of your own???


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