Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The thrill of the research

I am participating in a swap.
Hooray. I haven't done that for ages.
But Punky's mama has organised a cushion swap.
I am getting rather excited.
I have received notification of who I will be 'cushioning' for. It's top secret.
I may know them and their blog or I may not (not telling).
But, regardless, it's so fun trying to look at their blog, read their words, look at their photos and try and get a good sense of what kind of cushion is 'calling me' to be created. For them. 
So to speak, You know what I mean.
I hope my cushionee likes it.
I haven't decided yet-to knit, to sew, to stitch, to print...I wonder.
I am determined not to leave this to the last minute and stress myself out about it (as has been my tendency in the past...)

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  1. lol @ "cushionee"!

    I have to do some research too - I'm not very familiar with my own, uh, cudhionee...! Hoping to finish early too, more likely than usual though as I'm on quite the cushion kick!


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