Wednesday, March 30, 2011


If they can do this to my lino...

what might they do to this...
I hate to think. But I am onto the way of big plastic tubs with tight lids.

By the way, I have changed the rules. A few people emailed me and said nice idea but they don't want a size 7-8 dress. Fair enough. I will make you a smaller one if you would like that and you win.


  1. Be very afraid!
    While Indi was at camp the bloody vermon ate through her stash of lollies that were in metal drawers. How on earth they got in there nobody knows.
    Also, I think its awesome that your farmer boy buys online. Mine wont have anything to do with it. He's scared on putting his banking details out there.
    I hope you guys have a great tree season.

  2. Gee, our little Elvis gets around since we threw him over the fence. At least chewing through that thick plastic will slow him down somewhat ;)

  3. That is absolutely terrifying.

  4. Do you know what my mouse has done? It has chewed the bottom of my laundry door and my front door! UGH! Nice one mouse! Those doors are barely a year old! I think my mouse is trying to get out of the house. I must have upset it the other night when I nearly pegged it with a wooden block.

  5. They are horrid little monsters. Why do people keep them as pets ?
    Good luck!!!

  6. OMG now you're scaring me. I caught one mouse yesterday morning only to discover another one in my house thismorning. Where are they all coming from???

  7. Cam? They are coming from here. We evocted the residents of the Lower 40 a while back but it takes some time to get all the way over to your neck of teh woods.

  8. I read just yesterday that you're not supposed to put fabric in plastic containers because it needs to breathe. Maybe you can make an annual pilgrimage to your stash to air it out or something?


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