Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sincerely grateful

This is my first 'grateful' entry, although I have read lots over the times and other peoples gratitude is very grounding and lovely.

I am grateful for my son, his health and his initiative
(and my daughter of course, but this isn't her story) 

This week he went on school camp, to Canberra, the bus took about 8 hours apparently.
I was anxious, he was away Monday to Friday- the longest he has been away from home (he's 10, in grade 5).
I was anxious because he has food allergies- he has coeliac disease (allergy to gluten which is found in wheat, oats, barley and rye)- not immediately life threatening, but eating those foods can make him sick. 
He also has a severe, life threatening nut allergy and requires an epipen (adrenalin injection). So I was entrusting him into the care of other people (get the nervousness?).
I rang the camp, I spoke to the camp manager. He assured me that nut and gluten free dietary requirements were 'easy'- I felt like he had his head around the issues and felt loads more confident about sending him off.

My son got home yesterday. Exhausted, he'd had a good time. Within 10 minutes of him being home, though, he's told me that 'they gave me a fruit and nut bar today'. 
WHAT?- that's me on the inside, on the outside I keep my voice normal (well try) and try to gently get more information...apparently the other kids in his grade got a little pack of Arnott's bickies but because he had special dietary requirements he got a "fruit and NUT bar". I wonder what genius didn't realise that a fruit and nut bar might not be the best snack for a 10 year old with a life threatening nut allergy. I am horrified.

But, the GRATEFUL bit- my son thought it was odd, read the label (BLESS HIM) and told the teacher that the camp site had given him food that he couldn't have. I am so thankful he showed initiative and was smart and well equipped to deal with a very dodgy situation.

I am so so thankful  he read that label.

I will be contacting the camp site on Tuesday...wonder how that conversation will go.


  1. Oh my goodness! Unbelievable! My eldest has a nut allergy also. He has an epi-pen, but I am not 100% sure he needs it, because in a challenge test he never got to the point of anaphylaxis.

    I would freak on them though if I found out they gave him a fruit and nut bar. I am however, reasonably sure that he would have done the same thing your son did. Good on your boy for looking after his own well-being when those grown-ups fell down on the job.

  2. Unthinkable ...thank goodness you have raised a smart capable boy.

  3. Oh my god!! I am so angry for you! I too would feel grateful for the health, and initiative, that your boy took in a very serious situation. Thanks for popping over to say hi :) I will be back to see how that conversation goes.

  4. Ooo! Will you be taping that conversation? I would like to listen in to that!

  5. Thanks for letting me know about my email address not being displayed. I really appreciate it. Imagine all the wonderful opportunities I could have missed. ;-)

  6. Sounds like you have a pretty wonderful son there Tanya.

  7. Oh my! How awful - and what a clever kid!

  8. Oh wow. I am in awe of his resourcefulness- he is going to find that necessary with those allergies- top little bloke. I am also in awe of the stupidity of people who are meant to know.

  9. What a good little boy. You've obviously taught him the most important thing about his allergies - ultimately his is going to be the one responsible to make sure he's okay. I'm AMAZED that he's already taking on this responsibility at just ten years old. He'll go far, clever boy. x

  10. Wow! Now that is certainly something to be very grateful for indeed.
    How frightening that it could so easily have gone so very wrong.
    You've got a clever and onto it little boy there that's for sure. he was probably exhausted at that stage but still he took responsibility.
    Good luck with the convo. X

  11. Tan, I'm so glad your son had the sense to read the label. I wouldn't want to be on the other end of the phone when you ring the camp.

  12. wow, i can't believe it! luckily he is well trained & clever.
    goodluck with the call tomorrow, stick to your guns, it was THEIR mistake.

  13. how scary. good on him! and how did that conversation go? glad everyone's ok Tan

  14. I too am sitting here horrified. That is so beyond scary. I know youll get your point across and hopefully it will be certain to make them extra careful in the future. You should be so immensely proud of him.

  15. Oh dear, what a situation! It's great he has an understanding of his condition and is responsible.


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