Saturday, February 5, 2011

Number 22. Check.

I just reread the list.
A few people suggested printing it out.
I am going to do that because, although still aspiring to these things I had forgotten about them (like, regular stretching). Oops.
But looky looky- number 22 gets a big tick.

 again it's a cross over (with number 15 at least) because it involved very nice time- being present and laughing and creating with my children (Mr. Apple also joined us for part of it fixing all our bike tyres and chatting and offering creative advice).
This is the 8 year olds effort, she is pretty happy with it.
And the 10 year olds, he enjoyed it too, but was pretty disappointed that a leg fell off before the grouting process. 
Overall, a great project to do with this age children. Probably gloves wouldn't have gone astray, I got a few cuts on my hands. Mostly when I was using smashed tea cups or plates rather than tiles because I think they are finer. I wish you could see how big they are- those top two are on pretty big pavers, I need an 'in context' photo- but they aren't getting put in the garden until the grout has been dry for a week or so because they will only get rained on it they go outside now.


  1. I love them! Great work.
    That is such a brilliant thing to do with kids. I am so going to follow your lead and make some with the littlies for our kitchen garden. Thanks.

  2. I love mosaics soooo much! They're so pretty.
    I gave away all of my mosaic supplies when I moved house. I so wish I still had them all.
    You must show us a pic once they're installed in the garden!

  3. This is so sweet and looks really effective. The children must be very proud and they are on display all the time too. Great idea.

  4. Nice one Tan and kids! You have inspired me to start smashing up some tiles once again, its been a while! Hope you are all well. Jane

  5. they all look great. That is one thing I'm looking forward to doing with my kids when they are older. I used to do a fair bit of mosaic kinda stuff BC, I probably have all the tools and bits and pieces somewhere still.

  6. They're so beautiful. I love mosaicing - so much fun - I haven't done it in ages... might be time to give it another go - once this crazy got weather passes.

  7. they'd be "hot" weather. oops!


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