Sunday, February 27, 2011

you say 'tomateo', I say 'I don't want to see another one for a while'...I mean, I say 'tomarto'

Most of the people who read my blog don't know me 'in real life'. I could be telling you stories and you'd never know- especially because, according to my 'bloggy stats' I have had visits from such places as Ireland, Poland, Russia, Spain, Germany and South Korea (thank you, I hope you ended up here on purpose and enjoyed your visit- and came back). What I am suggesting is that, unlike some of the wonderful bloggy friends I have already met, I probably wont be meeting a lot of you in the near future. 
But, with this blogging caper, there is trust involved, don't you think?
Having said that, you know I am not a brilliant gardener. In some ways, I would love to be. I have tried. I am just not really into it. We had 'family tomato picking' morning yesterday, we picked over 20 kg's I reckon and I tried to be cheerful, but I tended to agree with the 8 year old who, after sticking her hand through a rotten tomato on the bush exclaimed 'seriously, I am finding this pretty disgusting'! But we did all chip in and the tomatoes got picked.
I have processed most of them- 24 fowlers bottles (size 20 if you are into fowlers) - I cooked up a few onions, chopped up the tomotoes, whacked them in a BIG pot with a big bunch of herbs- thyme, rosemary, sage and a couple of bay leaves, cooked it down for a while, then added a few cloves of garlic, a touch of sugar (because someone told me once that I should) and a bit of sea salt. Then bottled them and processed them in the Fowlers Vacola preserving unit.

I also made a big pot of tomato sauce- which (headache) isn't bottled yet...I am over it now! We tend to do preserving on a ridiculously grand scale and it wears me out! 

Oh, and about that trust thing , I am very smart and funky, always wear very cool clothes, very fit, and rather lean with endless case those of you who I wont get to meet in the very near future  were wondering...and for those who have already met me- shhhhh!


  1. Oh I know I'd be over it too! But it will be nice to have your homegrown produce to enjoy in the months to come.

  2. Yuuuuuum! I love homemade tomato sauce - I do not however love making it.
    One of my summer jobs in high school was working on a tomato farm in the packing shed. Geez that was hard work.

  3. heheee...your secret is safe with me Tanya!

    and you would probably know that I am not really into gardening either, but I love the benefits of it!

    well done on the sauce, we buy our sauce tomatoes and should be doing it in a few weekends time if you want to come & help ;)

    happy week to you lovely lady ♥

  4. yep I agree totally would be over it too. Kinda like picking raspberries. They are yummy and all but they are also delicate often squishy, they stain your hands, the canes have thorns and spiders like to live amongst them.

    As for the trust thing and what sort of person you, oh so we are the same then lol.

  5. oh but they looks so nice, yummo.

  6. Thats the trouble with vege growing isn't it - they all come at once! But just think how glad you will be in winter when you can whip up a lovely fresh tomato soup or a delicious pasta sauce! As for who you are, I agree that you are very smart and funky, always wear cool clothes and working towards being fit and lean and getting endless energy!!

  7. It's worth all the work when you have a pantry full of food! My tomato relish from last year lasted ages, sadly our crop isn't big enough to cook this year, just pick and eat!


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