Friday, February 4, 2011

A few weeks ago this was put up in a fundraising raffle.
(Photo flogged off Nikki's blog- but I will tell her!)

I first saw this bag in July last year at the quilt exhibition in Melbourne, I am pretty sure it was on the Kelani stall.
I loved it. Obviously they wouldn't  sell me the sample so I was inspired to buy the pattern and kit. It became an unfinished project- that initial burst of enthusiasm wanned because I forgot to cut out the pocket when I cut out the rest of the pattern pieces and had gone as far as I could go without it (does that kind of thing happen to anyone else?).
I tried to win the bag but another lucky person did (I really hope they appreciate it!).
BUT- I have been inspired to drag out my lap top bag and 'first day back' now applies to my children at school and me at the sewing machine.
It's finished.

There is something very satisfying about completing a long desired project. I enjoyed learning lots of new techinques and I am reminded that I do love Nikki's patterns because they are full of tips and tricks. 
Apparently I have 'graduated' to 'intermediate'. Nice one!
The inside flap detail- I wonder what that is covering up- I forget!

Is it weird that I am very keen on this bag but don't own a laptop?


  1. Well, my hubby has a new laptop but no bag. Want to work something out with him? Cos I can't say that I am enthused about sewing a laptop bag lol. Yours looks rather schmick though.

  2. Love the red! I reckon it might be time for a do have the bag after all.

  3. They rock, don't they? I've just finished my 2nd one, and don't own a laptop either! Love those patterns....

  4. Well done, you!!!! Now I'd best get off my butt and finishe the one I started around the time I release the pattern (especially now I've given my favourite sample bag away!!).

  5. Hi Tanya - I was the person who won that bag instead of you (sorry!). I do appreciate it, and I promise to take good care of it... Your bag looks FANTASTIC!

  6. The bag's too nice for just a laptop anyway! (and no it's not weird!)
    I agree with you about Nikki's patterns - like a little personal tutorial. Love 'em!

  7. that looks great - I think I'll need to make one of those!

    I love the pavers too, a great holiday activity!


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