Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have mentioned here before that  asparagus is my very favourite vegie. 
I usually say that during our short asparagus season.
Corn has a relatively short season as well.

Now I can't decide- fresh picked corn is really something else.


  1. If they were both really fresh- I couldn't pick between them either. Yum!

  2. Fresh corn straight out of the garden is so nice and sweet. Asparagus is one of my favourites too, a bit of butter and some pepper on it!

  3. Crikey - your must have a pretty fabulous vege patch & green thumb to match.
    My sorry little carrot (yes just one ....) and my bird/possum/dog ravaged tomato plant don't compare.
    Well done!

  4. Why choose darling? You can have it all!

  5. Ooooh, hand down it's corn for me -- I think it's all the sugar in corn. You're so lucky it's corn season there -- I can't wait for summer so we can have some too!

  6. Big fan of the squirt-in-eye, corny goodness, myself.

  7. Mmmmmm! YUM!!!! We've been eating corn from our garden this week too, and it sent me into raptures. You're right - freshly-picked corn is really something else.

    Now I'm really looking forward to picking our own fruits next year (if we're lucky) ... can't wait to plant out my mini orchard!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog today too - it really means a lot to me.

    xxx J

  8. Fresh corn. Yum. I love it raw or cooked on it own, or with melted butter or bbq'd. Love it love it love it.

  9. i never knew how yummy corn could be until i grew my own! couldnt believe how different it tasted from the bought stuff! will definately be planting lots more :)

    kel xx

    p.s - if you are interesred in expanding your vintage sheet FQ stash i am hosting a swap over at my blog. pop over and check it out if you are interested!!


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