Monday, March 15, 2010

Windfall x 2

 The happy windfall first. I won a prize over at Sheridan's place. What a cool prize- like a fabric lucky dip. I have plans- but nothing has eventuated just yet. I am very excited about this!

The less happy windfall.
We got 'the storm'. In fact, a week on and our phone line is still down- a week, it's a 'rural issue', we don't have the population density to 'storm Telstra' with complaints, so to speak.
Lots of hail damage, nothing like I have seen before. It meant lots of windfall fruit and lots of windfall preserving. So, I am calling this years sauce 'Windfall sauce"! It doesn't look all pretty with nice labels because there was no planning time, there was just about 18kg tomatoes to process!

Remember my energy crisis post a few weeks ago? Well, it turns out I have scarlet fever- uh, huh, nothing 'common' about me (very Jane Austin, don't you think?). If I had a little less decorum (ha!) I would post a photo of my peeling hands and feet, but it's pretty messy and you mightn't want to be my friend anymore. It's rare but pretty contagious and I suspect because of my history of chronic fatigue syndrome my immune system runs lower than it should, and I get sick more than (I reckon) I should.

I have managed to send out my tea towels though, I am glad to have them done and have sent them off with love, hoping their recipients like them, I have received a  few back, will take photos when they are all here.
 A little bit of stitching has been happening. It's good to be around nice fabric when you are sick! 
Unfortunately I hate mending (does anyone like mending?), Mr. Apple's beekeeping gloves (to protect his hands and arms) need mending...they have for a while actually. I didn't realise he planned to check the bees this morning, so needed the gloves. He got stung. Oops. They are now on top of the pile...a little too late some might say!


  1. oh my Tanya! what a windfall!!!
    hope you feel better soon. you are very productive for someone with low energy, you are a star.
    hope you have a happy week...and i'd still be your friend no matter the state of your peeling hands.

  2. What a great little bunch of fabrics, I can envisage a lovely patchwork something-or-other with those. Mmmm, they'd be perfect for hexagons...

    So sorry to hear about windfall no2 though. Not nearly so fun. And scarlet fever? Yikes! You poor love.

  3. Oh I hope you feel better soon, you must be miserable peeling away! The hail storm was pretty scary wasnt it. We just had a few little marks on our car from it and the roof leaked a tiny bit, but all fixed now. I hope your phone line is fixed really soon.

  4. Sheesh. You don't do things by halves do you? Scarlet fever sounds loads more impressive and Jane Austin than, say, mumps or something. Hope everything is way better quick sticks...

  5. Oh boy - Scarlett Fever - sounds so glamourous - but I am sure it's not! Hope you're well agin soon. The strips ready for the quilt are gorgeous - love the colours.
    Ooops about the gloves!

  6. Love the fabrics, bummer on the storm damage but yay for bottling. We had a mini scarlet fever epidemic last year go through the local school and kinder. Made me think of Little Women.

  7. Very Jane Austin, you shall have to take your bed and not recieve visitors..while others do your bidding.

  8. ooh what a fabric I spy some grey Kei dots in there?? I hope you recover quickly from your Scarlet Fever and hope you get lots of looking after and spoiling in the process x (ps came across your lovely blog via your tea towel swap with Kylie of 3 Sheets)

  9. ooh I love your fabric win! I wish I could win craft contests - sigh :P


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