Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The genius of three heads

I have been working on my striped/ wavy quilt, that I have mentioned before (photo a few posts back)
I had presumed that the stipes would be pink and green with the odd brown addition, and that the solid would be green. But then I laid it out and it just didn't pass the audition process, much to my complete surprise. As I said, I thought it would work. I was very confident in fact! So, imagine my look when Cheryl said 'what about red?' (Red? It's a pink and green and brown quilt, where did you produce red from Cheryl?-oh, I know some of those stripes have red in them, but really- you think I should try red? I am not a big red person).
So I tried red. And we nodded. Red works. Then Carolyn surprises me - fumbling around in my fabric stash she goes 'why not be really funky and go red cord?' (blow me down with a feather because often we 'respect each others differences'- meaning, we don't like the same things. It's okay, we're cool with that). 
So I did.
(Note to self: Self, would you please get into the habit of ironing things before photographing them).

But since then I have 'cracked 'em with my stupid cord efforts because I forgot on the third 'wave' that cord has a nap (is that what it's called?), frustratingly sewed it on the wrong way, unpicked it (those who know me will know I do not unpick lightly!), the 'waves' have stretched abit and now I am grumpy with them. 
My harsh traitor-ish reaction was to ditch the quilt and cut out some pants for me. No wonder people are loyal to garment construction- I whipped myself up a great pair of navy linen pants in one evening. Hooray for sewing clothes!! I don't have a full length mirror to take one of those 'this is me standing in front of the mirror taking a photo of my fantastic new trousers' photos, so you will just have to use your imagination until I can show you them.

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