Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's been handed in and handed in early!

From tea towel swap, to name tag swap with a pincushion waiting in the wings!
I got word from Carolyn that she has received this, so I am happy to show pictures now. Shock, horror- I sent it off earlier than the day it was due!!
This one was organised by Gypsy in honour of the upcoming crafy blog meet 'Sew it Together'
We were required to make a name tag no bigger than 9cm in any direction. There's a challenge- but look up there at the ruler, I just made it!

I have been away to the beach- should be compulsory for anyone recovering from scarlet fever if you ask me. We stayed at Tidal River on Wilsons Prom (I had never been there) and, gee, it's really breathtaking, in a great way. Sea air, the lovely sea air. It was nice to hang out as a family, really nice. Arrived back, tired- I wonder if you can tell I am having trouble stringing my sentences together! I had crafy hand projects to do of an evening and in the car, a bit a kniiting, in my own special way, and I did take instructions, crochet hook and wool- but I am far from calling the end result crochet...I am trying to be patient.

You know what's also nice about going on holidays? Coming back home.
We had a very happy reunion with Pippi the dog, and I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the 'big sky' of home, flat, wide horizon, loads of stars, big sky.
It's what I know, and even know I often think the grass may be greener where you live, I must say,  it looks nice and green here today...


  1. Love the name tag, seeing yours has made me panic about mine a bit tho. Tomorrow!! Are you going to the dinner? It'd be ace to meet. Glad you had a great time away but even gladder you're happy to be home. X

  2. What a gorgeous name tag. Fantastic idea!

  3. Awesome name tag.

    My goodness you had scarlet fever?!?! That is just awful. So glad that you got to get away to recover... you must still be feeling terribly drained. Hope you feel back to 100% soon. Take care xoxox


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