Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tea towel love

As i have mentioned before, I recently participated in a tea towel swap. Oh how I love fun mail!
It's show and tell time, I thought!
Magdalena sent me this one (on the left- and she has photos of all the ones she did on her blog). Kate sent me the one on the right,

This one  (birds at the front) all the way from Canada, made by Wendy.
Leah made the butterfly (bogong moth) one in the background.

Justine sent me this (bottom one) and a special treat of the latest copy of Mixtape- hooray!
Gina made me a pair of pears, cool, huh! Pears for the Apple and Tangerine girl!

This one is from Sam. 
I think I will hang it on my craft room wall, because as well as being t for tea towel, it's T for 'Tanya'! She also sent some cool fabric for me.
Verity made this one (above) and if you go over to her blog you will see how nicely she packed them- I just ripped in and didn't stop to take a photo! They came with some lovely chai tea bags to go with my tea pot and tea cup tea towel!

And Kylie sent me this one. With a cool photo card of her op shop jewellery finds- lucky girl!

So, I am sure you will agree, I am tea towel spoilt at the moment. It was a fun swap, thanks Soozs. Sorry the photos are abit dodgy- it is way, way to hot here today to be doing any ironing.
Thanks again lovely 'swapees', I do treasure your work and appreciate your time and effort. I hope I have got all those names and links right- feel like it was a bit of a marathon!!
Happy weekend.


  1. The thing is - and this is where I stumble, your lovely lot of tea towels and my lovely lot of tea towels should never be destined for wet dishes! Thinking of stringing a washing line across a kitchen wall and hanging mine up to admire. Besides, someone/something up there seems to do a great job of dish drying - without linen intervention...

  2. So far I have only received two tea towels, and I thought I was waiting for the others to arrive before I put them into service. But I think I am just unwilling to start using them!

    I love how different they all are and how brilliant. What cool peeps we all are!

  3. what a cool swap!
    i definitely would not be drying dishes with those beauties!

  4. They're all brilliant. What an awesome swap. I am so bummed that I misshed it.


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