Monday, March 29, 2010

The girl decides to sew

No, not this girl deciding to sew, the little girl.
She's seven and on school holidays. Yesterday she made a bag (you know, folded a piece of fabric in half and hand sewed up the side seams). I thought I would reward her patience of yesterday and asked her if she would like to have a go on my (old) machine (my grandma's machine actually).
She was keen. I drew some grey lead lines and got her to sew straight lines over the top, then got her to practice straight lines without grey lead marks (is that abit boring of me?).

She did really well and then she told me "just give me a piece of fabric, mum, I know what to do, I know how to make a bag..." So we went to the stash and chose fabric, I cut a rectangle, she sewed up the sides and chose handle material (which I sewed up- attention span waivering here!). Now she is proudly sporting a new bag (well, actually she was for a few moments post completion now she is back with her nose in a book!)

I have no recollection of what crafty things I was up to when I was seven. Latch hooks rugs and making dolls clothes featured at various times. Any suggestions about basic future project ideas?


  1. awesome! i think sewing republic has some beginner sewing projects for kids on it. I think at that age I was wanting my mum and grandma to teach me but they would only let me hand sew :(.

  2. What about some straight line stitching like a simple patchwork scarf?

  3. My Mum tried to teach me to sew. One year I made swimming shorts for my brothers. They were huge. I don't think my brothers ever wore them. I wish I had kept learning, but at the time I didn;t have the patience.


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