Sunday, January 3, 2010

She's my cherry pie

Somewhat absent over the 'silly season' I have been. Too preoccupied being silly...oh I wish!
We have been away abit which has resulted in me starting a whole new batch of unfinished projects because rather than taking something sensible like hand stitching my craft of choice included a massive stash of fabric and a pile of fabrics. So let me think, now I have, 3 more sun hats to sew up, 2 stuffed elephants (different patterns) to sew up (and obviously something is going on here because I have ordered two more patterns for elephant softies and look forward to them arriving in the mail), a pair of 3/4 light stretchy 'walking pants' (meaning, I wouldn't really wear them out anywhere but they will be comfy for exercise) and a dress to finish. Now I am unsure of the wisdom in that move! Starting the year with a pile of unfinished projects- what??
Well, the handmade Christmas projects I made got given. I carefully didn't put any photos here before giving them away just in case the recipient got a sneak peek, and wouldn't you know it, off they have gone to their new lives without being photographed at all. I will just have to finish some of those above mentioned projects so I have something to show you here.
It's a big time for our garden at the moment. Big, busy.
This is our morello cherry tree. Before we stripped it...

and the cherries
The cherry pie I made was devoured before a photo was taken, it wasn't that pretty (gluten free pastry is hard) but it tasted good and was popular!
Gee, it's nice to be back here.


  1. Yum!!!
    Those cherries are so red!
    Did you eat them fresh too?

  2. My mouth is watering at the thought of homemade Cherry Pie.

    And don't stress about your pile of unfinished projects... think of it as your 'To Do' list!

  3. I´m sorry I´ve posted from my blog writen in Portuguese. Found your comment there today.

    I also have this one so I can communicate with English speaking people more easily.

    Oh! Cherries... Would love to have them growing here...but they don´t. Theere are some fore sale at Christmas time. I´ve bought a small pack. Very small... It gets very expensive because it is an imported good. I end up giving them up since it is also time for the home grown peaches, grapes, plums and other tasty fruit as well! But I love them...

  4. Oh wow, a morello cherry tree!! Super delicious! I love sour cherries and nothing makes a better pie IMO!


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