Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project complete

Project complete, and no, it's not an elephant softie.

In fact, it wasn't one of those million just started projects I was mentioning last post. It was a new one. 'Sweatshop' night last night and while Carolyn cut up fabrics for her new quilt and Annie sorted through photos Cheryl and I hooked into this pattern. And by hooked in, I really mean it. I have finished mine.

Yes, those girls are bad influences on me and my precious sleep! The irrational things one might do in the name of craft- I love sewing, it's so fun. I had to choose fabrics I could look at all day, because this is going to be a cover for my diary (I am such a diary girl). I am really happy with how it turned out, except I used Vilene Fusible Fabric Laminate for the second time and I remain unconvinced. It's meant to give a kind of oilcloth look/ feel but I am disappointed with the end result, I am not happy with the bond and it feels and sounds a bit plastic baggy to me. I am deciding whether or not to remove it. Melly's pattern has embroidery which I didn't do, so next time I will turn all the inside bits up the other way and make it front closing, which I like better.

It was a good, easy to follow pattern (as I have found her others that I have used)- which as you may know, can't be taken for granted!

In other matters- I am open to tips about what to do with excess radishes and zucchinis...


  1. great night tan! lets do it again soon! it looks fantastic. you just had to bet me lol. cheers chez!

  2. Nice diary! I like your choice of fabrics, I haven't used the laminate before but if you don't really like it I would take it off. As for zucchinis, my fave vegei, what about char grilling? Add to tomato based pasta sauces, zucchini fritters and I have had a delicious zucchini cake but I can't remember who would have that recipe. Not sure about radishes, salads? Hope someone else has some radish ideas! xo

  3. The diary looks great! I read somewhere that the only time of year you should lock your house and car is at zucchini time, because everyone has too many at the same time and is trying to offload them.

  4. Very cute little diary cover. Love the colours.
    I've been making zuchinni slice but I can't help with the radishes. I usually give away or swap my excess vegies too. ooo yes.....and I've been stuffing and roasting zuc's and squash too. Thats been popular amongst the crew here.

  5. Love your diary cover Tanya! It is very very cute and I am so glad you had a fun crafts night with a friend - what could be better??? I hope you have figured out the iron on stuff - never used it myself so good luck! Love it and thanks so much for letting me know - I hope it keeps your diary very cozy this year :) Which reminds me, I really have to go and get a calender! Still haven't yet - oops

  6. Julie´s blog made me find yours and I just loved it. Love you diary cover. You wouldn´t have excess radishes if I were around! That´s for sure!

  7. Your diary cover is super cute Tanya. And yes, it does have to be gorgeous as it's with you all year. I've never heard of Fusible Fabric Laminate... sounds very fancy pants... although you don't sound impressed at all. Are you going to try using it again for another project?

    I'll email you a recipe tomorrow that might help use some of those zucchinis...

  8. tips... lets see...
    Send them to me?

  9. so cute!

    zucchini cake?

    Other than salads, i don't know what you can do with radishes! Radish stampers for the kids?


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