Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sandi Henderson and sheets

Not together (Sandi and sheets) but I got two very fun parcels in the mail yesterday.
This is my favourite design at the moment and I seem to be collecting it in different colour ways- I also have it in pink.

This is called Henna Garden from the Meadow Sweet Collection.
The one click and you're away shopping combined with strong Aussie dollar and free shipping caused me to come a bit unstuck! Yes, I also bought this, from the same range.

These are destined for Christmas presents so I had better get a wriggle on. The only sewing I have been doing in the last couple of days has been 'refashioning' my neighbours workshirts- he asked me to make his two long sleeve shirts into short sleeve shirts. This is not fun sewing for me (boring I reckon!).

Back to the parcels- to balance out all that new fabric, it was appropriate to receive my parcel from Selina's vintage sheet swap on the same day!! (Good theory? For every piece of new fabric acquired one should match it with some vintage fabric...I can see it's not 'water tight'!)

What a fun parcel, combined with my vintage sheets (that I also sent fat quarters off in all directions via Selina) I am going to make a beach rug. Like the one out of 'Handmade Home' if you have seen that book. Not that we go to the beach that often, mine will be a picnic rug I think.
Saturday is my favourite day of the week, hope you enjoyed yours.


  1. Wonderful parcels.
    I especially love the Sandi Hendersons.
    Andi :-)

  2. Those sheets are fantastic! I cannot wait to see the completed picnic rug.

  3. That stash must be looking very healthy Tania! All such gorgeous fabrics... old and new.

    Hope you've started "wiggling" and have those Christmas presents underway.

  4. fabric is so much fun! I refashion hubby's long sleeved shirts into short sleeves whenever he rips the elbows.

  5. Just popped in to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog. Whereabouts do you live? I like all your fabrics and you have reminded me that I was going to start a quilt too. Just a simple one from lots of vintage pillow cases and sheets. I like to use them in summer over a sheet for when the nights are cool. Lovely blog by the way, see you again xo

  6. Love the vintage sheets!
    And you have won my giveaway!! Let me know what you want, my shop is closed for the holidays, so you will need to look though my blog for what I have! My email is on my profile :) xox

  7. I have never heard of Sandi Henderson, but I will be Googling her, as I just love that material.

    Gill in Canada

  8. Where did you buy them? I am looking for some fat1/4s to decorate a wall that is bland and cream, and they would be perfect...


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