Friday, January 15, 2010

An early morning pick.

Why am I temptped to think it was '4 for me, 1 for the bucket?!'

Remember the story 'The Enourmous Turnip'? Well some of these were like the enourmous onion.

I am not as good as I wish I was in the garden. I think I need a hat that says 'I'd rather be sewing'! Having said that, I am very very thankful for the gardener of the household because there is really nothing like it.
These apples looked nice when I shined them up- although (and I know you'll be surprised given my high level of photographic genius!) you can't really tell!


  1. Oh yummy!

    I am a hopeless gardener! My DH is always hassling me about my lack of care of the garden.

    I too would rather be sewing!

  2. I am definitely not the gardener in our family but gosh they look fabulous growing & of course enjoying the fruits of someone elses labour :)

  3. Love it, which reminds me I should get the kids to pick our strawberries before the hungry caterpillar discovers our secret stash at the other end of the garden! .. lol Mel xox

  4. Your apples look lovely . Really I thought that was the rule for strawberries , 4 for me 1 for the pot !

  5. Nice pickings, I love home grown. You are lucky you got any strawberries in the bucket!!

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    God bless,


  7. Love your home produce. Great garden and you must be a great gardener Tanya. I will have something from our garden to show soon too - Hugs Nat


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