Monday, December 7, 2009

Visitors, another hat and some food processing

There you go (see title of post), that's what I did on the weekend. Yes, I know some of you are getting abit more familiar with me now and realise that I could not be that succinct. I am a details girl (for example: and then what did he say, and what did you say etc!). I do try not to be too long winded because I don't want you to leave without finishing. I will give you lots of pictures today, in case you are tired like me and a bit beyond words.
Our friends stayed for 2 nights. It surprises me how quickly you forget the intensity of having little ones around, our two children are 7 and 9 and pretty independent and self sufficient. I was able to watch our friends care for their 3 young'uns (all under school age) with some distance (in time) from the experience. I wished a few things- that I had had more energy and mental capacity to enjoy my children when they were that little, they (young children) are a delight as they learn words, become so interested in the world and develop relationships. I also wished that I had more energy on the weekend to hang out with the kids more and give our friends a better break (although I don't think I would have cut the mustard with the littlies!). Instead, friend (Del) and I went and had a coffee and then stayed up late sewing a hat (bad influence?). Ms. Del and I were both happy to have completed a project.

This is my version.
While Del and I were sewing, the menfolk were extracting honey, they reckon they got about 21 kilos which is the most we have had for a while so they were both pretty chuffed. We share the work and the honey between our families, which is a great thing to do, I reckon.

Some of the bottled honey - didn't think to take photos of the process, next time.

And I also (hopefully) made our years supply of apricot jam. Four batches, 10 kilos of biodynamic apricots, alot of sugar...

one of the batches (preserving pan courtesy of chain super store op shop  $4.99)
to this

waiting to be labelled.
I am hoping to do another couple of batches because I reckon home made jam is a good gift. Well, except to my brother and Aunty who used to be regular receivers of my apricot jam until one day my mum told me they don't eat it, she eats it when she stays at their places! I don't 'waste' it on them now!!
And, remember all that garlic a few posts back- well, my lounge room floor is covered with this

Oh, I was just having a play with photo effects. 
Clever photographer managed to photograph her toes...


  1. Wow, look at that honey! I am just now looking around trying to buy some raw unfiltered honey, I would love to see photos of the process. That is very cool. And the jam too, you've been very productive!

  2. Love that hat!! And I would eat your apricot jam if given the chance! Except I call it AP-ri-cot not APE-ri-cot like my hubby. That's just weird. LOL. xox m.


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