Thursday, December 10, 2009

My place and yours- Home

'My place and yours' theme queen this week is Myrtle & Eunice and it's 'Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home. Hmm, an object that helps make our house a home.
I wasn't really planning to play this week but I have had that lovely word 'home' rolling around in my head and it hasn't got away, so here I am.
I think home is about the senses and the spirit and the emotions it evoke and memories it holds. Again, the things I love, the things you can't touch!
The people and the history make the home. I had the same bedroom for 18 years and my parents still live in the same house on the same farm. That is my home. I feel very at home there. That has got something to do with connection and place and soil- that is my place. I know I will feel very sad when they leave one day.
I have lived in lots of houses (obviously post 18!!) so of them were homes some were places to live, I was a bit sad a few weeks ago when I drove past 213 Mitchell Street Northcote and found my old home (first home post marriage) demolished and replaced with brand new units. But where am I now and what makes it home...

The woodstove in the kitchen and the kettle on it contribute to 'home', especially in the winter. It heats our space and our hot water and cooks a great slow cooked casserole. I love it.
Quilts thrown randomly over chairs and quilts on beds...

Softies- my mum's tradition of making those bears (at the back) goes back at least 37 years because I got one when I was born.

This table was apparently my grandfather's sisters. Now lives in my kitchen. Apricot jam in process on the table.

And a link to my younger days. I was in Berlin 20 years ago when the wall came down. Amazing. I saved up to get this print framed, don't know why I went with the red! The artist was a street artist sitting by the wall and has signed this copy.

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  1. Hi there - Love the dining table with history. Imagine the stories shared over it thru the years! And the red frame is perfect. Red leads the rainbow!
    I am loving your CD you sent for the the swapbot thingo from Punky's mama.
    Thanks so much!!
    Have a lovely day.. Amy

  2. Quilts and wood stoves love 'em. Don't you miss the stove in the summer, nothing like them for casseroles and roasts?

  3. You have hit the nail on the head. I am determined to quick sticks settle in the house where the kids will have their histories. My parents left my family home when I was nineteen and overseas. I didn't say good bye and I still miss it feeling not a speck of connection to where they live now!

  4. I loved reading this post Tanya. Thanks for the walk down memory lane with you and the peek into your home.

  5. Hi Tanya,
    Your house looks so warm and cosy. I love the idea of cooking on the stove, the smell of the apricot jam and sitting on the patchwork chair for a little rest after all the hard work!

  6. Love that wood stove- boy am I jealous! That's like my goal in life to have a woodstove. haha. But seriously. Nothing screams home, cozy winter and comfort more than a woodstove.

  7. I love the table too. Hubby is working on a table at the moment, maybe it will be down handed from family member to family member, hopefully creating a family focal point everywhere it lives.

  8. Your place looks so cosy, homely, welcoming and pretty. I LOVE IT! I'm coming over... put the kettle on!x

  9. I want to visit your place some day - it looks so cool!


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