Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's nice, it's different, it's unusual

This week's theme queen is Toni from Little Suitcase and she picked a challenging theme- after all, things at my place are just so 'normal' (yeah, right!).
So what is nice, different and unusual my home?

When I was going to the toilet, I realised- hey,  it may be fairly usual to share your toilet room with 10 very cute baby chickies! We have the weirdest very large toilet room- what a waste of space. Ideal to house cute chickies in for a bit to keep them safe! They were incubator chicks so have no mummy chick to keep them warm. They came from Paul and Di's house in Melbourne so we had a fun 3 hour trip home with them in the car yesterday (no casualties!)


Being in Melburne on the weekend (more of that another time) reminded me that 3 hours in a car can be like 24 hours on a plane in terms of cultural differences, foods available, shops, Markets (yey, I went) etc. Yes, it had been far too long! I love Melbourne and miss lots of things about living there but then come home to silence (which I couldn't take a picture of) which, for me ,after being in the city is nice, different and unusal! Seriously, if I stop typing, I can hear nothing except the odd dog snore. Please note: I am not saying Pippi is odd, just that she snores on the odd occassion

In this context (city/ country), depending on where you live,  our back shed might look different to yours.

Mr. Apple and Tangerine doesn't tend to do things on a small scale and this year he planted 'abit of garlic'...this is not even a quarter of it I reckon. What was that you asked? Oh, yes, it is for sale! Great Christmas pressie, nice garlic braid. Grown 'according to bio-dynamic principals'- great soil, no chemicals. Our place isn't certified because the fruit trees are the main thing and we haven't needed certification for these. Subtle aren't I- she says with a massively indiscreet wink?! Email me if you are interested. I have to check with Mr. for prices. Fresh Aussie garlic- no talways  that easy to find.

If you head over to Pip's you will find out who else is playing.

Hey, Ms. Black Cardigan- note the nice neat links? Thanks for your kind bloggy help xxx


  1. that definitely is a great reason to come to melbourne!
    great to meet you & your beautiful girl on saturday, thank you for saying hello ♥

  2. Oh I'd love to have baby chicks in my toilet room!

  3. oh cool! Nothing like sharing your loo with little ones.

    If you check out my blog I have my loo on mine too. lol I usually share mine with my 1 year old & my dog! Never a moments peace!

  4. Precious! Love your little corner of the blogging world, I'll be back for more soon! The garlic looks delicious! xo m.

  5. Chickies in the toilet hmmmm not too sure about that? What I am sure about is that our shed usually looks like yours at this time of the year. This year however due to the ridiculous amount of rain and freezing cold we are still waiting to pull ours up. Hope you sell lots soon.

  6. Eeep! (...or, "Cheep!") They are sooooooooo cute!

    We have some fertilised eggs under a couple of our broody hens at the moment, so, fingers crossed we have some similar cuties soon!

  7. Ooh I love the bathroom baby cickins!
    i must say at first glance I was a little bit worried they were chicken bones or some such hanging in the back shed - phew garlic much less scary!
    And yay for the helepping blog tips - wish someone would help me out with the lefthandedness of photos from photobucket...

  8. aww, totally beats a group of rubber duckies in the bathroom!

  9. Chickens in the loo!! Very unusual but sweet.

  10. I love that you had to think about what was unusual at your house.... chicks in the toilet didn't pop into your head immediately..???!!!! They are gorgeous and obviously well behaved to have travelled without incident.

    Your city/country thoughts showed there are definate benefits of both.

    And as for ALL that garlic... I guess you can be sure you'll have no midnight vampire visits!

    PS... your links are very nice and very neat. Well done!!!

  11. yep, chickadees in the loo is a bit different:) but rather cute - while they're still little.
    And that is a LOT of garlic...we have a little we have grown at home and are just waiting to pull it up - I think we're supposed to wait until all the green shoots have dried?

  12. Oh, hello lovely chickens!

    Yes, I miss the silence from living in the Adelaide Hills when I was a kid. However, I've swapped the silence outside for silence inside. I'd rather have both, but I'll take having no one schreeching at me over no cars. I still find it hard to sleep if there's light in the room, though - I'm grew up in a place where if you went outside at 10pm in winter and turned off the torch, you might not be able to find your way back again! Lovely. And I miss the stars, too...

    Do you post your garlic? :P I am so tired of tasteless chinese garlic grown in who knows what chemicals, and it'll be a while before I can get a crop of my own...

  13. Mmmmmm garlic. Love the naturally grown stuff.

    I miss the silence of the country too - the really silent silence you get when you're at a house in the country, rather than the regular snaps of life that hit you when you live in suburbia. That said - I'm with craftastrophies. I traded the relative silence there for the silence of having a house I love and not being yelled at here.


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